Ow My Plate Malang ReviewDevouring The Volcano at Ow My Plate Malang, A New Hot Plate Place in Town

The phenomena of hot plate food do not escape Malang, a town with a dynamic change in its culinary trend. One of the place that serve hot plate fiesta is Ow My Plate which is located at Jl. Panderman. On the place which used to be a café, it is now turned into a feasting place for culinary adventurers. A simply good dish is not enough nowadays to make a restaurant stands out. Culinary business is competing tightly, and every restaurant needs special feature to gain a spot in the customers’ heart and Ow My Plate understands this issue very well. Recreating the classic fried rice, the chain restaurant invents its exceptional signature dish called “Volcano Rice”. Volcano rice is fried rice placed in hot plate, shaped in the form of a volcano, with a big hole in the middle. The rice then topped with beef meatball, chicken sausage,  corn, cheese, onion, and mushroom. It also comes with different levels of spiciness from level 1 to 5. The waitress will serve the hot plate with a small stove, then she will pour raw egg to the hole in the middle. The raw egg then will spread to all sides of the volcano-shaped rice, just like how real volcanoes erupted. The waitress then will mix the volcano rice with the egg and all other ingredients in the hot plate until everything is cooked.  It was such a unique and relieving experience to watch how the raw egg destroy the volcano; for a moment we forgot the dish was actually a classic fried rice.

Ow My Plate Malang Review
Volcano Rice after it’s mixed

However, the extraordinary serving doesn’t come with extraordinary taste. The fried rice tasted just as good as the standard, not more; and the portion is not helping either. It was said in the menu that the portion was for 2 people, but we shared it for 2 people and we were neither satisfied nor full enough. The price was also a bit too expensive for classic fried rice, it is charged for IDR55k/portion. There are a lot of other choices in the menu, with the same hot plate concept. We were excited to see many rice dish choices with Indonesian traditional flavor, from rica-rica to gulai, saus padang, saus sate, and sambal matah. For more popular cooking, there are choices of teriyaki sauce, curry sauce, and pepper sauce. If you’re more into Italian food than Indonesian, you can choose spaghetti with white cream sauce or aglio olio, also comes in hot plate. There’s also choice of fish and chips if you don’t want heavy carbohydrate. You can add more topping in your dish, like beef/chicken/dori katsu, cheese, mushroom, egg, etc, with additional price. Frankly speaking, the other menu besides Volcano Rice seems more interesting than the signature dish.

Ow My Plate Malang ReviewOw My Plate has another signature dish, that is Ow My Brownies. Sadly we didn’t get the chance to try the dessert because it was sold out. It was brownies in a hotplate, topped with one scoop of vanilla ice cream, then poured with chocolate sauce. We’d like to taste it next time we’re there. Ow My Plate Malang is the second branch of the restaurant chain, the first one was in Muara Karang, Jakarta. The basic concept is similar to some other restaurants, by serving many variants of rice dish in a hot plate. Ow My Plate’s price was a bit more expensive than the other similar restaurants in Malang, but the menu choices vary more. Ow My Plate offers fairly spacious place with trendy concept, with orange and black-themed interior and paintings in the wall. The place is comfortable enough for fast-dining, but not for staying longer. If you ever get the chance to visit Ow My Plate, we highly recommend you to order beyond the famous Volcano Rice—the other dish seems more promising and worth tasting.Ow My Plate Malang Review

Food Price Range : IDR24K – 55K

Snack Price Range : IDR17K

Dessert Price Range : IDR20K – 28K

Beverage Price Range : IDR7K – 19K


Location : Jl. Panderman No.3, Gading Kasri, Klojen, Malang (Behind KFC Kawi)

Writer: Jatrifia Ramadhani