Youngster City Rockers Hujan SingleYoungster City Rockers Finally Reveal Optimistic New Single “Hujan”

As reported earlier on our website, ska punk collective from Malang, Youngster City Rockers finally unveil their single “Hujan” via Yogyakarta’s record label, Doggyhouse Records on 25 June 2017. Youngster City Rockers were formed in 2006 from two previous bands, Bullshit Tomatoes and High Skunx School, thus making member changes familiar to them. As of now, Young City Rockers are comprised of 8 members and they are Bagus Prasetya (trombone), Fahreza Al Haqqi (saxophone), Aria Rahadi (trumpet), Cahaya Satya (guitar), Zulmy Sulaiman (bass), Badea Christian (drum), Theodorus Radityo (guitar) and Lucky Juligananda (vocal). The band often use music as their platform to express about natural phenomena and environmental concern and their latest single “Hujan” is no exception. “Hujan” or rain is a symbolic natural phenomenon that creates hope. There is always a beautiful rainbow after the rain, which means there is always hope after hardship.

The single is available to be downloaded for free since yesterday on Doggyhouse Records’ official website. “Hujan” is a cheerful ska tune with prominent trumpet sound that will make you dance and rejoice to it. The lyrics in Indonesian is easily remembered with the line like “bukan sekedar hujan/ tetapi bagaimana kita menari disaat petir datang“. The unit who used to cover songs from the likes of Suicide Machine and Potshot share a song which is full of optimism and wisdom, inspired by the falling rain. You can also listen rhythm of bossanova in “Hujan” towards the end, making it versatile in terms of influence, oh how we really like the combination. Youngster City Rockers are now currently in the midst of preparing their second album. It is planned to be revealed some time this year and we cannot wait for the album to arrive. Meanwhile, make your celebration of Eid-Al Fitr more festive by blasting “Hujan” by Youngster City Rockers.