Peonies Summer Music VideoFace The Blazing Heat with Peonies on “Summer” Video

Peonies, a dream pop outfit hailing from Jakarta recently released their music video for a single called “Summer”. Jodi, Citta, and Cinta are clad in summer-ready outfit in a video produced and directed by Voisette Music. The song is taken from their debut album “Landscape”. The band initially planned to have another music video from this album since last year, nonetheless the visual is out already via Nanaba Records’ Youtube channel from a week ago. Through a press release cited on Rolling Stone Indonesia, Jodi Setiawan as the guitarist from Peonies states, “After launching our album for a year, we only have one single and one music video. Unlike any other band who have more than one single and music video. Finally we decided to release ‘Summer’.” In a cheerful manner, Peonies present a tune that befits to be listened on a hot humid day, while sipping an ice cold drink poolside. Fajar Fadhilah from Voisette Music who directed this video explained that the concept they came up with was pretty simple. They inserted an element of slapstick comedy to match the personalities of Peonies who are goofy and love to joke around.

Different from their previous video for “Whispering (All The Colors)” that was executed in motion graphic, this time we get to see the faces of Peonies’ member. Fajar Fadhilah said that this was an interpretation from the song “Summer”. The video combines a lot of different techniques like one-stop motion and fast-forward paced that make it unique and fun to watch. Peonies also use 4:3 video format to make the ambience feels like the 90’s again. “Besides its light theme, the weather here also contributes to the song,” says Citta, the vocalist and keyboardist of Peonies. The release of the album is in conjunction with one year anniversary of their album.It has been released digitally and physically via Nanaba Records. Are you ready to swim and swing with Peonies? Watch the video of “Summer” below.