GUNS Jennytalia SingleGrunge Collective, GUNS Unleash Single “Jennytalia” about A Mysterious Woman

Malang’s grunge collective named GUNS are revealing their newest single called “Jennytalia” with a digital release. Alif (Vocal), Eben (Drum), Refo (Guitar), Farhan (Guitar), and Eldy (Bass) try to portray a mysterious woman figure in this song that happens to be present on the members’ lives. You might have figured out that the title is like word play on ‘gentalia’, the Indonesian term for genital. They happen to insert the sound of a crying baby in the beginning of the song as an emphasize. GUNS are consistent in putting a hoarse vocal style as their characteristic as well as noisy distortion that was also there on their two previous singles. Prior to “Jennytalia”, GUNS have released two singles called “Melawan Arus” and “Roda Dua” that you can listen on their Soundcloud account.GUNS Jennytalia SingleProclaiming themselves as a group who never play by the rules, GUNS debuted with “Melawan Arus” in 2015 as a statement to go against the current music trend that time which was EDM (Electronic Dance Music). The song acts like a critique to the dominant culture and with the spirit of 90’s grunge, GUNS are ready to break it all. The second single “Roda Dua” is dedicated for customized motorbike enthusiasts. The culture, in which still persists over time, becomes the inspiration for this song. Another critique is also conveyed through “Roda Dua” which says that a movement or culture should not always centered on the capital city or big cities. But it can also start from small city and small community. With the release of three singles, GUNS hope to be able to release their first full-length album at the end of this year. Check out their social media for latest update and listen to their latest single “Jennytalia” below.