Gud Hardan Inner Space Single ReviewGud Hardan Welcome You Into Their Psychedelic Extra-Terrestrial World with “Inner Space”

Gud Hardan is a music project in the form of band initiated by Dewa Hardana. Formed in September 2016 at Tangerang Selatan, they dwell into the genres of ambience, psychedelic, and new-age. They cite Pink Floyd, The Beatles (psychedelig-age, late 60’s), Tame Impala, Cigarettes After Sex as their musical influences. Recently the project has revealed a debut single called “Inner Space” and we’re here to review it. On first listen, the guitar and tambourine are the most prominent part of the song, giving it a 60’s psychedelic feel with laid back beats. The first seconds of the song gives a sound effect which suck out our soul into an extra-terrestrial time and space. When the vocals of Dewa Hardana comes in, it feels like listening to Kevin Parker but with a softer and more melancholy edge to it. To be honest, the whole “Inner Space” song sounds like a Tame Impala track. While it is a good thing to be compared to Tame Impala, it also means that Gud Hardan still have a long way to find their own character in making music. Nonetheless, the 3 minutes and 32 seconds track is an enjoyable ride and the distorted vocal in midway is a mandatory get-high sign.

Simplifying its own genre as “Alternative”, Dewa Hardana uses this platform as Gud Hardan to express and actualize himself through music platform, and also escape himself from his day-to-day-office-works. The song “Inner Space” was written and composed by Dewa Hardana with the help of Firman Rasyidi for mixing and mastering. The music video for this song is planned to be released at the end of July. It will also be included in Gud Hardan’s upcoming EP that is slated to be out on September 2017. “Inner Space” is available to be streamed on a host of digital outlets like Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Tidal and many more. Let’s enter their “Inner Space” below.