ROBBRS Silence EPAlternative Unit from Yogyakarta, ROBBRS Share Long Awaited EP “Silence”

It might take some time, but at last ROBBRS have unveiled their long awaited EP called “Silence” on 17 June 2017. The alternative unit from Yogyakarta have previously released singles like “Amber” and “Spell You Do”. Lintang Larasati (vocal), Hisar Sinambela (guitar), Awan Hastanto (guitar), Farigh Dewanto (bass), and Maher Sasuka (drum) reveal 5 songs in the EP without their previously released singles included there. However, the songs on this album have often been performed by the band on live occasions on the past few months. ROBBRS which were formed in 2016 show their productivity by participating on festivals, compilation album and live performances. One of the song on this album titled “Dine and Whine” will be included in a compilation album by Kampung Halaman titled #1500kalori with other 30 independent acts from Yogyakarta. The process of making this album could be considered short in only four months time, starting from material workshop and recording down to the mixing and mastering process.

Gilang ‘pultn’ Wahyu Apriliawan worked with the band for the album’s artwork and Elmo Ramadhan was in charge for recording, mixing and mastering of all five tracks on “Silence” EP. Through a press release, ROBBRS explain further about the meaning of this EP. “Silence is a condition needed by human beings, however their character and behavior are. The moment of silence is a crucial time in the frenetic life of a person to be able to interact to himself and to discuss with his own thoughts about the things that are important in his life,” elaborate the band. The first three songs in this album which are ‘The Joy of Silence’, ‘Is This My Vault’, and ‘Talk Me Through’ portray the message they want to convey in the form of music. While the other two last tracks are more about the action people do after going through some contemplation and reflection. From this EP, you can get a taste of what ROBBRS’ future full lenght album is going to be like, and from what we hear so far, their music has an appeal which will attract you to listen more.

“Silence” EP Artwork

Engaging ourselves in the tunes offered on “Silence” EP, each of the songs has different charm and sometimes they insert an element of surprise, so instead of ordinary indie rock tunes, you will get acoustic driven song, jangly guitar twang, spoken words and rapid drums as well. Our favorite goes to a short but full of life track called “Your Broken Past Is Not Here To Last” and the mellow “Talk Me Through”. The album can be accessed on its digital format through iTunes, Spotify, JOOX, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp. ROBBRS also release the physical format of the EP in CD format with a bundled package that comes with T-shirt, totebag, and poster. You can place your order for the package through their official website. Psst, they also hint about upcoming music video for “Talk Me Through” that will be directed by Ardana Adi and Gora Irianto, so stay posted.

“Silence” EP Tracklist

  1. The Joy of Silence
  2. Is This My Vault?
  3. Talk Me Through
  4. Between You And Me Is The Space We Can Never See
  5. Dine and Whine