Amik Brothers Bertemu Ramadhan SingleAmik Brothers Release Religious Single “Bertemu Ramadhan”

Blues trio, Amik Brothers do not let the moment of Ramadhan slip by without releasing new music and to make it more festive, the band reveal a religious single called “Bertemu Ramadhan”. The single which was released on 10 June 2017 is a follow up to the release of their debut single “Jangan Ada Cinta”. Ganesh, the drummer of Amik Brothers said that this song tells about the moment of the peaceful Ramadhan when people are reunited and get on good terms again. It signifies a turning point since lately our country has been hit with lots of social issues and conflicts. “Yeah, in the name of creative process, appreciation and respect towardsap the month of Ramadhan, as well as our feelings about it. Just think that we are doing da’wah,” utters Ganesh. The 4 minutes and 16 seconds song which can be listened through the band’s Soundcloud is filled with gratefulness of being able to greet the holy month again. Amik Brothers still put blues guitar riffs as the most prominent part of the song, especially towards the end.

The release of “Bertemu Ramadhan” is hoped to be an alternative choice for the listeners to pick a religious song outside of pop genre. The abundant religious songs in Indonesian music are mostly arranged in pop music, so the blues touch from Amik Brothers is a refreshing change for music enthusiasts. The track is recorded and mixed by Brothers Record and they jokingly suggest to listen to this song anytime, except when it’s prayer time. “We hope that every Ramadhan we could give other works according to our expertise,” closes Ganesh. Amik Brothers is one of plenty musicians from the indie scene who use the momentum of Ramadhan to put out new songs. As the holy month is coming to an end, let’s listen to “Bertemu Ramadhan” by Amik Brothers below and hope that God will give us chance to greet many more Ramadhan to come.