Cigarettes After Sex Live in Jakarta
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Ambient Unit, Cigarettes After Sex Set to Perform in Jakarta in August!

After delivering a bad news that is BANKS’ concert cancellation in Jakarta, Ismaya LIVE do not hesitate to make it up to music enthusiasts in Indonesia. They have just announced the coming of ambient unit led by Greg Gonzales, Cigarettes After Sex for a live show in Jakarta. Through an announcement on Ismaya’s Instagram page, the concert will be held on 16 August 2017 at The Establishment. The venue that was originally meant to host BANKS’ concert was owned by Ismaya Group as well. Prior to this, Singaporean promoter, Secret Sounds have announced the band’s coming to Singapore on 17 August following the cancellation news from BANKS as well. This marks the first time the unit hold a tour across Asia, especially after they have just released their first full lenght self-titled album. Containing 10 tracks in total, the band who were formed in 2008 have revealed three singles so far which are “K.”, “Each Time You Fall In Love” and “Apocalypse”.

Cigarettes After Sex Live in JakartaCigarettes After Sex are famous for combining a sultry yet sombre tone into their music with jangly guitar sound and raspy vocal in courtesy of Greg. The band hailing from Brooklyn, New York first made wave in indie music scene after releasing an EP called “I.” in 2012. They are inspired by the sounds from Trinity Session, Cocteau Twins, Red House Painters, Mazzy Star and 1960’s records. Since then they have released another EP called “Affection” in 2015 and the newly released full album on 9 June 2017. Cigarettes After Sex are pretty consistent in terms of visual and music, using mainly black and grayscale toned photography for their single and album artworks. Until now, the band have not released any visualization for their music, so it’s pretty exciting to see them live. If you are curious to watch them perform, the ticket for their live show in Jakarta will go on sale starting from 21 June 2017 at Ismaya website. It might be the same price as BANKS’ concert, and for their live show in Singapore the ticket for the free standing concert is sold for $78 (approximately IDR750,000). Get your wallet ready and indulge in the alluring music of Cigarettes After Sex below.

Cigarettes After Sex Live in Jakarta
Cigarettes After Sex LP

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