Gavan Anniversary at Popcon Asia 2017 with Kenji Ohba
Kenji Ohba
Celebrate 35th Anniversary of Gavan with Legendary Original Actor Kenji Ohba and A Challenge on Popcon Asia 2017

Are you familiar with the catchphrase “Segede Gaban”? Then you should know that it’s originated from Japanese superhero series, Metal Sheriff Gavan, who can summon a metallic armor in order to beat the villains. Popcon Asia 2017 will be the platform for the fans of this series to reminisce the legendary show and celebrate the 35th anniversary with the attendance of its original Gavan actor, Kenji Ohba. The 62-year-old actor has confirmed his attendance alongside Yuma Ishigaki, his successor who reprise the role of Gavan in the new series. It is one of the most popular series from Metal Heroes series which aired back in the 80’s.

During the event which happen from 5 – 6 August 2017 at Jakarta Convention Center, they will also bring the original Gavan costume from Japan. A new challenge awaits for all the Gavan fans and it’s called “Jouchako Challenge”. Held by Goshen Media who has partnered up with Popcon Asia, the challenge will require you to upload videos of Gaban transformation style on to your social media. It is one of the best way to relive your childhood memories, right? There will also be a Guinness Book of Record event for the most Gaban collection in one venue that involves all the Gaban fans across Indonesia, supported by Electronic City and several communities like Metal Heroes Indonesia and Aniki Cosplay.

Gavan Anniversary at Popcon Asia 2017 with Kenji Ohba
Kenji Ohba as Gavan

Goshen Media will also re-release all the classic episodes from Uchu Keiji Gavan in the form of exclusive DVD and merchandise in collaboration with local clothing brand, Monstore. All of these special treats could only be purchased during Popcon Asia 2017. The early bird ticket for the event has been sold for IDR85,000 for daily pass and IDR150,000 for 3-day-pass through Kiostix starting from May 8th. So, are you up to witness “Segede Gaban” series of events and join the challenge? Then peep Goshen Media’s social media ( for more information.