Puti Chitara Goodnight Tour Yogyakarta
Puti Chitara with Gardika Gigih
Puti Chitara Reveals Live Videos from Her Goodnight Tour in Yogyakarta

In conjuntion with her birthday which fell on 16 June 2017, soloist/pianist Puti Chitara revealed live videos from her Goodnight Tour in Yogyakarta which was held back in 19 May 2017. She held a tour in two cities Malang and Yogyakarta on May to promote and introduce her second album “Goodnight”. Different from the gig in Malang which was produced rather in a raw and simple format, the concert in Yogyakarta was done with a lot of preparation starting from the opening acts, the stage decorations down to the music arrangements for her live set. Two talented young pianists performed before Puti Chitara and they are a newcomer named Hana Fairuz and composer Gardika Gigih. “Yogyakarta has become a special place for many people, including me. So the concept for the performance in Yogyakarta was purposely done differently than in Malang, which was presenting pianists as the opening acts and I also performed in full band format,” says Puti. Just like her original concert in Shoemaker Studio, Jakarta, the live version of Puti’s performance was in full band format and applied the same arrangement as the one in Jakarta.

As a surprise, she also collaborated with Gardika Gigih in one of her song called “Goodnight” which originally had Gerald Situmorang to play the accompanying guitar. In Yogyakarta’s tour, Gardika Gigih played the piano while Puti sang the tune of the lullaby song. The new arrangement from their collaboration resulted in a calmer yet gloomier ambience. “As a composer I’m really glad to be able to collaborate with Puti Chitara, and I think the song ‘Goodnight’ does have a pretty magical aura,” admitted Gigih. For the live band, she was assisted by Dika Chasmala, Billy Aryo, Dzulfikri Malawi, Bona Ambarita and Yudhistira Mirza. The videos which was shot at IFI-LIP Yogyakarta show three live versions from “Snow In Summer”, “Stratosphere” and “Goodnight” featuring Gardika Gigih. The three songs are taken her second album “Goodnight” and she hopes to be able to take the viewers into the vibe of her concert with these videos.