Lizzie Decider Music Video TeaserRock Unit, Lizzie Tease A New Video for “Decider”

Having debuted last year with a single called “Dead River”, rock unit from Bandung, Lizzie will reveal their newest single called “Decider” via FFWD Records. It will be released with a music video as well and “Decider” is a track taken from Lizzie’s upcoming debut EP. Earlier this year, Lizzie are also active promoting another single called “P.O.V” while performing on several gigs here and there. Lizzie stay true to their roots with simple music instruments in making rock music without further enhancing their sounds with the addition of electronic instruments like synths or anything else. However, Lizzie still promise to give the listeners an aggressive kind of sound that will make your heart leaps once you listen to their solid riffs, distortion as well as high spirited drums. You can listen to a snippet of what Lizzie offer through the teaser video of “Decider” that lasts under one minute. It is packed with packed with angry distortion and the band that go ham over the drums.

As the meaning for the song itself, Izma the vocalist/guitarist of Lizzie explains, “Decider is a symbol, a symbol of power supremacy of the dominant. But there is also a resistance to rebel. The rebels appear on the outermost part of society. Without support, without power, but still persist to go against the dominant because the core of society is sometimes put aside until it reaches the outermost part. This is why “Decider” is chosen because it it the most suitable song that becomes a beginning of every story from our upcoming EP, ‘Outermost'”. With the EP is set to release in mid year, the rock band set this song to be an appetizer for the main course which is their album. The music video itself was produced by Polar Ideas, a creative production based in Bandung. For now, only a snippet can be watched, but in the following weeks the full version will be unveiled through FFWD Records’ official Youtube channel. Are you ready to rock on and resist? Here we go…

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