Filastine & Nova Drapetomania Album
Cr: Julieta Feroz
Filastine & Nova Release “Drapetomania” Album in Indonesia

Filastine & Nova have revealed their newest album project called “Drapetomania” back in April for its digital, vinyl and CD release worlwide. But now, Indonesian listeners could grab copies of the CD because the unit have decided to release this album via Omuniuum, a label based in Bandung. From 10 June 2017, the physical records have been distributed to several record stores across Indonesia and if you are a fan of this dynamic duo, treat yourself with “Drapetomania” CD. The album is the collaboration between two musicians from two different countries, which are Grey Filastine, a veteran producer from Barcelona, Spain and Nova Ruth, a neo-soul vocalist from Indonesia. In this project, both of them explore variations of style in music from electronic, acoustic, pop, experimental, roots, up to future bass. Filastine & Nova immerse themselves in social issues, and it is delivered as the main attraction on this album. “Drapetomania” is a strike against xenophobia, which insists that people should live without borders and suggests the idea of polyphonic world.

Filastine & Nova Drapetomania AlbumSuch notion is not only in the mind of these two musicians as they both traveled around to witness how it feels to be migrants, survivors, and refugees first hand. The music studios in which they recorded their music were no longer constrained within walls of noise reducer. They made real backgrounds like a wooden sailing ship in the Indian Ocean to a dusty village in the Sahara and barrios from Brooklyn to Barcelona as their studios. Their previous music videos for “Chatarreros”, “Miner”, “Salarymen” or even “Perbatasan” are inspired by social phenomena that happen around them. “Perbatasan” is inspired by the band’s experience performing in the Calais Jungle migrant camp in France, and was recorded inside the holding cell of a former deportation center. The video was created by Arkamaya Images, a creative production house based in Malang, Nova’s hometown.

They went on being nomadic while recording this album, without setting certain countries as their destinations. The term “go with the flow” seemed like the ultimate motto for Filastine & Nova to do their experiment in making music. Containing 12 tracks in total, “Drapetomania” is taken from a medical term from 18th centuries for slaves who have the urge to run away from their proprietors. Listen to the whole “Drapetomania” album below and grab your copies at Omuniuum (Bandung), Lawless (Jakarta), Warung Musik (Jakarta), or Solidrock (Malang). On this day the band are also set to perform on Holland Festival 2017 with the help of Nova’s father who is also a legendary musician, Totok Tewel.