Jono Terbakar Pesantren Kilat Mini Album
Jono Terbakar
Acoustic Happy Metal Duo, Jono Terbakar Reveal “Pesantren Kilat”

On 14 June 2017 yesterday, acoustic happy metal duo from Yogyakarta, Jono Terbakar finally reveal their third mini album called “Pesantren Kilat”. The seemingly religious title of the album is in conjunction with the coming of Ramadhan month in Islamic calendar. “Pesantren Kilat is a term that is identical with Ramadhan. Because this album is intentionally aimed to be released during Ramadhan, so we name it “Pesantren Kilat” for the title,” explains Nihan Lansy, a member of Jono Terbakar. In this mini album, the duo explore and experiment more on their music. In its arrangement part, Jono Terbakar went out from their comfort zone which is acoustic format, and tried to make a full band arrangement. Nihan further explains that all three songs in this album are arranged in full band format and they also learned to do the mixing and mastering part by themselves.

Using Creative Common license, the album “Pesantren Kilat” is released digitally and can be accessed through a host of streaming platforms like Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud, Deezer, Apple Music, etc. It is also available to be bough on iTunes or Amazon. As usual, Jono Terbakar use their sense of humor on the songs in this album and never forget to insert the element of fun in their music. It is shown on the titles of the tracks like “Dream Is Mimpi”, “Lagu Cinta 2017”, and “Tidur Is Sleep”. It is weird at first, listening to Jono Terbakar when you are so used to listen to their acoustic performance. The music instrumental is also too buried under the layers of vocals, so they still have a lot to learn in the mixing and mastering department. Nonetheless, still a fun getaway to spend your Ramadhan month by listening to the songs by Jono Terbakar on “Pesantren Kilat” below.

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