Ramadhan Jazz Festival 2017 Report
Tari Saman
The Grand Celebration of Ramadhan Jazz Festival 2017 at Plaza Masjid Cut Meutia, Jakarta

From 9 to 10 June 2017, Remaja Islam Cut Meutia (RICMA) held their annual music event that comes every Ramadhan which is Ramadhan Jazz Festival. Each year the event is always welcomed warmly by the citizens nearby or jazz music enthusiasts from all across Jakarta Greater Area. The event was filled with people from any age, from teenagers to adults to witness the performances from Indonesia’s greatest talents in jazz. On 8.30 PM, the event commenced with traditional dance from Aceh, Tari Saman. Unlike any other music festival that will empty your pocket, Ramadhan Jazz Festival 2017 held the concept of using the entrance fee as a donation for those in needs. A long queue has formed in front of Cut Meutia Mosque at Menteng, Jakarta and the youth of Jakarta were very eager to see the music performances during Ramadhan night. In holding this event, RICMA worked together with Warta Jazz, an ecosystem of jazz music in Indonesia that has been active for 17 years with a purpose to promote local jazz music to domestic and foreign market.

Ramadhan Jazz Festival 2017 Report
Glenn Fredly

In this 7th edition of Ramadhan Jazz Festival, it brought the theme of “Morality in Harmony”. Besides a music festival, the committee also conducted several social activities like blood donation, as well as charity event to help building a school for the underprivileged. For two days in a row, fifteen talented musicians from Indonesia entertained the audience on stage. The festival was opened by the much celebrated performance from Glenn Fredly who brought his signature tunes like “Kisah Romantis” in jazz arrangement. Senior musician, Fariz RM came back after performing last year and offered his music set with his quartet. He was also grateful to be invited for the second time to RJF. The performers mostly donned an all-white ensemble to perform, thus making the vibe felt more holy and pure, just like Ramadhan aims to be the month when God forgives the sins of the believers.

Ramadhan Jazz Festival 2017 Report
Fariz RM

On its first day, RJF 2017 presented Glenn Fredly, Tiyo Allibasyah ft. Karim Suweileh, Fariz RM Kuartet with Adi Darmawan, Edi Syakroni & Iwan Wiradz, Andre Dinuth, Alvin Ghazalie ft. Misi Lesar Dua Empat Music, Mondo Gascaro, and Abdul & Coffee Theory. While on its second day, the musicians included LAMAFA, Teddy Adhitya, Chikita Fawzi, Rudy Djoe ft. Rio Moreno Latin Combo, Andre Hehanussa, Monita Tahalea, Soulvibe and Maliq & D’Essentials. It was a grand event that combined the celebration of music with religious and social activities, we’ll see you again next year!

Ramadhan Jazz Festival 2017 Report
The crowd of RJF 2017

Reporter: Narisha Zulkarnain/Editor: Novita Widia

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