Synchronize Festival 2017
Presscon of Synchronize Festival 2017
Synchronize Festival 2017 Returns For The Second Time!

After successfully holding Synchronize Festival in 2016, the music event held by Demajors and Dyandra Promosindo returns for the second time in 2017. On a press conference held in 7 June 2017, the committee announced that this year Synchronize Festival 2017 is going to run for three days from 6 to 8 October 2017 at the same venue as last year at Gambir Expo, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta. Just like its previous celebration, there are five stages prepared for the best and the finest talents in the country to showcase their music to the audience. In 2016, a total of 104 musicians performed at the festival and managed to attract as many as 25.000 visitors in three days. Combining performers from various genre and ages, Synchronize Festival is a haven for music enthusiasts without any barrier on specific taste on music or any age restriction. It was simply a moment to celebrate good tunes, art, and movie which we have written on a report article.

For this year’s event the committee promise to offer a lot more band to the audience and make it as a unique experience for festival goers. Besides music, there will be film screenings, records market, creative bazaar and other interactive visual to complement the whole festival ambience. “Basically, Synchronize Festival is a movement, so it’s not only a festival. Our industry has developed rapidly. All has been going well. This is what we try to serve to many people,” remarked David Karto, Festival Director Synchronize Festival 2017. The festival plans to become a melting pot for audience from across Indonesia and provides a medium for people to gather and celebrate our local music. Moreover, David Karto wants to show the public that Indonesian music has already gained a staple place in the citizens’ hearts and minds. The remark saying that Indonesian music should become a host in our own country is no longer relevant, because it already has.

Synchronize Fest 2016
Synchronize Festival 2016

Synchronize Festival has announced the first phase line-up that includes some big names in Indonesia’s music industry who also come from the independent movement. “We still keep the whole detailed information. There will be following news that will be continually updated in the next few weeks about the line up and ticket information. The first phase, we release it today. We are still working on the behind the scene preparation very carefully. To make sure that the best names in the industry could perform on Synchronize Festival 2017. For certain, now just book the calendar so you can come,” said Muhammad Riza, Technical Director Synchronize Festival 2017. The independent record label and the event organizer have released some acts which are BARASUARA, BAREFOOD, DANILLA, DOM 65, EBIET G ADE, GUGUN BLUES SHELTER, INDISCHE PARTY, JASON RANTI, KOIL, MONKEY TO MILLIONAIRE, NAIF, NAVICULA, PAYUNG TEDUH, PEE WEE GASKINS, PRISON OF BLUES, RAMAYANA SOUL, SILAMPUKAU, SISITIPSI, SOLOENSIS, THE TREES AND THE WILD, THE SIGIT, JOGJA HIPHOP FOUNDATION, TOHPATI BERTIGA, ROLLFAST, TONY Q RASTAFARA and UNDERGROUND BIZNIZ CLUB.

Synchronize Festival 2017
1st Phase Line-up

The ticket for the three day festival has been up on sale with the details as following. The presale ticket sold from 7 – 21 June 2017 is sold for IDR200,000 with the regular price sold for IDR345,000. Daily reguler is sold for IDR190,000 while the Daily Early Entry is sold for IDR135,000. You can grab the ticket via online purchase at,,,, Rajakarcis, Ibu Dibyo, Panorama Tour, GOTIX, INDOTIX, Kiostix.xom, and GOERS. For more information, you can go to their official website here. See you in October!

Synchronize Festival 2017
Ticket price