Atlesta Recalling SingleAtlesta is “Recalling” Past Love Experience in Mellow Soulful Pop Tune

Atlesta offers their latest music with the release of a song called “Recalling” on 6 June 2017. This is their second single from their upcoming album “Gestures” that is planned to be revealed on 17 July 2017. Previously, the dark and more mysterious sounding single called “Shovia” has been shared to the listeners by the electro pop unit hailing from the city of apple. As the title obviously stated, “Recalling” tells about a remembrance of the past, or a past lover in particular. Fifan Christa, the mastermind of Atlesta explained the origin of this song, “The basic material for this song began to be done while I was in Singapore, last 2016. The theme of the lyrics tells about reminiscence or nostalgia.” As we listen to this song and learn about the lyrics, it is clearly shown that forgetting your past isn’t as easy as it seems while your bodies react in particular way to your ex lover. “Recalling” has a melancholic ambience wrapped in a soulful electro pop a la Atlesta that is easy on the ears.

Fifan admitted that the process of making this song was pretty complicated and it even went through more than 10 times revisions to be as perfect as he wants it to be. The chill factor of this song is also enhanced with the appearance of electric guitar, dreamy synthesizer and female backing vocal. Mahatamtama Arya who is also known for his involvement in indie rock band Coldiac, and electro soul duo Pascale filled in the electric guitar part which was recorded at Delicore Studio, Yogyakarta. While the female backing vocal belongs to the voice of Ristri Putri, a former member of indie folk band, Knees and Toes which was recorded at ALS Studio, Jakarta. The song was later mixed by Wendi Arintyo of ALS Studio and mastered by Steve Corrao from Sage Studio, Nashville, United States. With this single, Atlesta also announce that their future releases will be distributed and released under Pops You Good, a record label founded by Fifan Christa.

Atlesta Recalling Single
Recalling artwork

He also opens the opportunity to release other musicians’ works through this independent record label. Both “Recalling” and “Shovia” with other songs will be included in “Gestures” that is rumored to contain 13 tracks in total. The album has been available for pre-order through iTunes and Atlesta Store, while the physical release will be unleashed later on. Animator Iqbal Febrian with artists Grapya and Ganesia Ardi also participated in making a 3D motion graphic for “Recalling” which you can watch through Atlesta’s Youtube channel below. They also plan to unveil another single before the album release and other plans that will guarantee to excite the fans and listeners of Atlesta. While you’re at it, also check out their past releases that include “Secret Talking” (2012) and “Sensation” (2014).