Wondergel Reunion Concert and Album
An All Female Indie Pop Unit from The 90’s, Wondergel Reunite for A Concert + Re-Release Single “Asa Dimana”

Ah what a good ol days remembering that once you were in a band, so what about a reunion? That thought might have crossed the minds of Wondergel members, an all female indie pop unit hailing from Jakarta. The band that decided to break up in 2000 started their career in 1992 and comprised of Meita (vocal), Vivie (vocal), Nanda (guitar), Lala (bass), Meta (keyboards) and Astrid (drums). After 17 year of hiatus, they reunite once again and will hold a reunion concert in Jakarta to satisfy their thirst for stage and music. They won’t be alone during the concert as several independent musicians are scheduled to collaborate with Wondergel. On 25 May 2017, they also had officially re-released their old single called “Asa Dimana” via Ripstore.Asia, a music distribution channel. The 20-year-old song was written by Meta Pramana and was the closing track of their self-titled album released in 1997. The song is available to be downloaded and shared using creative common license. It is an easy listening indie pop track which showcases a day full of hope and dreams.

Wondergel Reunion Concert and Album
Asa Dimana artwork

Wondergel also released a lyrics video for their single called “Jalan Yang Sama” that was uploaded onto their Facebook page. The full album will later be repressed and reissued in cassette tapes format and digital format. Earlier in their career, the band who were a pioneer for an all female band in indie music scene used to cover the music of Suede or Elastica. They brought the spirit of Britpop, new wave and punk to Indonesian listeners. Starting from a small reunion held by the members to recall their golden days, their old fans and friends got enthusiastic and asked for a reunion. Since then, they decided to do a concert together. “Even it today we come up with Wondergel Reunion, we are here not to bring back our past glory… that’s not the point. This is your parts, your age, your time. We just want to open th eold archives, filled with burning spirit from our golden days. To embrace and share it with today’s generation,” remarks Meita. Throughout their career, Wondergel have released one full lenght album and 4 radio single under M Music Production/Musica. Stay tuned to their Instagram and Facebook for their upcoming concert and listen to the preview of their re-release single, “Asa Dimana” below.