Surkensonik Gemuruh SingleSurkensonik Reveal Thunderous New Single “Gemuruh”

Rock unit hailing from Jakarta, Surkensonik, revealed their latest single called “Gemuruh” for public release recently. The band that consist of Alexander Gurion (vocal/lead guitar/rhythm guitar/piano/synth), Ariel Shomron (backing vocal/drums/synth/xylophone/djembe/shaker) and Rendi Jamhur (bass guitar/rhythm guitar) cite “Gemuruh” as a portrayal of universal rage which is painted in a surreal way. The song was written coincidentally when Ariel Shomron played guitar, and then the guitar riff was added by Alexander Gurion on the chorus. It is said that this song was inspired by Japanese anime. The song started off with thunder sound and then the riff kicks off and set the tune in a high spirited and powerful mood. There is also participation from Adria Sarvianto, Isnanda Sofman, and Dimas Purnomo who showcase their scream towards the end of the track.

Surkensonik Gemuruh SingleIt is filled with riveting guitar riffs, solid and it grabs us by the collar to force us to head bang to “Gemuruh”. We do not have the time to take a breath, since it is fast paced all the way through. A stable rapid drums on the background could make this song as your cheer up anthem. Lafa Pratomo also filled in some parts for the guitar making the song becomes more complete and whole. Surkensonik which means ‘the power of nature sound’ release this song via Demajors. You can access it on its digital format through iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, and Joox. The band also plan to make a music video for “Gemuruh” which will be uploaded onto their Youtube account soon. The song was recorded with the help of Adria Savrianto as the engineer, and Benito Siahaan who did the mastering process. The drum part was recorded at Studio Re-Add, Tebet, South Jakarta. Listen to the thunderous song by Surkensonik, “Gemuruh” below.