Whitenoir Stereotype SingleWhitenoir Reveal “Stereotype” from ‘Feed Me’ EP

Grunge outfit from Malang, Whitenoir have debuted with an EP called “Feed Me” on 1 May 2017. Since 4 June 2017, the physical release of the mini album in its CD format has been officially sold out. This time the band once again reveal their latest single from the album called “Stereotype” after promoting their first two singles, “Sub-District” and “Help Me Sleep”. The audio format of the single was uploaded onto Goodvibes Tracks and you can enjoy it in its entirely below. “Stereotype” was written by Helmi the guitarist and vocalist of Whitenoir and it talks about the generalizing the people do to a certain group of people. As the CD of “Feed Me” is currently sold out, the band plan to repress their album on cassette tapes format in the future, so you’d better stay tuned to their Instagram or Twitter so you won’t miss out the opportunity. The title of this album contains a unique philosophy in which “Feed Me” is an analogy on how the surrounding environment from each member has given them influences and ideas on writing songs and composing music.

Whitenoir also want to inform you that they are currently on the process of making their upcoming full-length album that is planned to be out during mid year or August to be exact. On another news, this relatively new band on the indie music scene are going to open for US band, Turnover, when they embark on a tour across Indonesia with Bali as one of its destination. The band that are comprised of  Ekki, Alle, Ade and Helmi have unveiled two visuals from the album, which are a lyrics video for “Help Me Sleep” and a music video for “Sub-District”. If you have not been able to obtain their physical release, “Feed Me” EP is available on digital streaming services like Spotify as well. Enjoy the latest track “Stereotype” from Whitenoir.