Seahoarse Apprentice Music VideoSeahoarse Reveal The Colorful Music Video for “Apprentice”

Kolibri Records‘ latest roster, Seahoarse, finally unveil their music video for “Apprentice”. Directed by Kolibri’s very own  Daffa Andika, the video sees the band do some sleek moves with a choreographed effort. Set in a blue and yellow background with the colors that match the band’s upcoming album design, Gisela Swaragita (vocal & bass), Rudi Yulianto (guitar), Aditya Putra (drum), and Judha Herdanta (guitar) can be seen playing the instruments. There are some zoomed in shot showing Gisela reciting the lyrics of the song as well as Judha and Rudi play their guitars. Not only that, “Apprentice” music video is also accompanied by a little animation and art direction in courtesy of Ratta Bill. A little outtake from the lyrics are thrown here and there throughout the visual of Seahoarse’s second single. Seahoarse offer a dream pop tune with thumping bass and jangly guitar play.

The single “Apprentice” tells about a love story between a couple with a large age gap. In this relationship, the one who is older is thought to be the one who will teach the other everything. It turns out that both of them could learn a thing or two from each other, hence they become the ‘apprentice of love making’. It is said that the song is the one they thought to be the most polished track which represents the current music from Seahoarse. Their upcoming album titled “Magical Objects” will be out next week under Kolibri Records and sadly the pre-order for the bundling package of the CD that comes with T-shirt has been closed. Listen to their previous single that has been available to be streamed on Youtube, Soundcloud and Bandcamp and their album will also be available to be streamed digitally once it’s out. Watch the music video from the Yogyakarta’s dream pop quartet for their single “Apprentice” below.

“Magical Objects” Tracklist :

1. Dawn

2. Across the Table
3. Cricket Choir
4. Little Spoon’s Whisper
5. Semicolon
6. In the Sun
7. Sugar Cave
8. Apprentice
9. Grotesque
10. Emily Grierson