Colossal Poster - Anne HathawayLooking for Peculiar Sci-Fi Movie? Colossal is The Answer

“Colossal”, a movie released in 2016 combines weirdness, drama, romance, and sci-fi in it and it might be a movie that is right up your alley. It is told that Gloria (Anne Hathaway) just went through a breakup with his boyfriend since she drinks way too often and does not quite sober up. Without a job and being an alcoholic, she is kicked out from the apartment by her boyfriend. She has to swallow the harsh truth and decides to go back to her hometown and there she meets her old friend, Oscar (Jason Sudeikis). Working together with him does not help her to get away from her alcoholic habit and one day, a monster appears in South Korea destructing everything on its way. Gloria, who fell asleep at a park after her shift, finds out that the weird situation in S.Korea is connected to her and where she is. The playground is South Korea, and the monster is Gloria and she controls that creature’s action. The situation got more complicated when Oscar steps into the playground causing another monster to appear in the country.

Colossal - Anne HathawayBeing in a totally peculiar movie, Anne Hathaway shows her class in “Colossal”. This film suits those who look for a rather absurd movie with a sci-fi flair and a little romance in it. This film reminds us of “The World’s End”, that famous comedy and equally absurd movie about apocalypse by Edgar Wright. Nacho Vigalondo as the director and script writer of this movie do a good job in leading the plot, where in the beginning it looks dramatic and then out of nowhere, the sci-fi part comes in the middle until the end, with clever jokes thrown here and there. We can also see the dynamics of a relationship between Gloria, Oscar, and other male characters. This movie deserves to be a cult cinematic film that some people would enjoy and appreciate.