Dandelions Kolonialis Bos Video ScreeningDandelions Hold The First Screening of “Kolonialis Bos” Video

After sharing the news that Dandelions have finished shooting the music video for single “Kolonialis Bos”, the band hailing from Surabaya will hold the first screening today. The shooting of the video was done on 1st of May 2017, during the celebration of International Labor’s Day in Surabaya. They use the momentum of the marching workers to be featured in the music video because the lyrics express the point of view of the workers. The screening of the music video titled “Pemutaran Perdana Video Musik Lagu ‘Kolonialis Bos’” aims to share and learn about the process of making this video to the mass. Dandelions further say that the process gave them a lot of insights and they also faced a lot of setbacks, starting from misinformation about the labor’s activity so they could not shoot the right moment, up to having a very short amount of time to wrap up their shooting in one take.

The premier screening for the video is done in collaboration with Studio Kerjasama 59, which is a studio that concerns about culture which is managed collectively and independently. The studio provides production, discussion, presentation, distribution and network building for individuals and groups who have the same work’s ethic and discourse. The event will be held today, on 5 June 2017 at Studio Kerjasama 59 that is located at Jl. Ngagel Jaya Tengah No. 59, Surabaya. There will also be garage sale from 4PM and the screening will start at 8PM with a little discussion afterwards. The event is free and open for public, so you can come along to watch the premier of Dandelions’ music video. Later on, the video for “Kolonialis Bos” will be uploaded on their Youtube channel on 13 June 2017. The band also plan to hold a second screening that will happen during an event called “Independent in Creativity” organized by Colors FM 87,7 Surabaya on 9 June 2017 at Colors Radio. You can watch a little sneak peek from their shooting days here and listen to the song’s preview below.