Studio Ghibli Set to Open Amusement Park in 2020
Credit: The Japan Times
Studio Ghibli Set To Open “My Neighbor Totoro” Themed Amusement Park in 2020

Studio Ghibli have just announced that they are building an amusement park that is set to open in 2020. On Wednesday, 31 May 2017, Studio Ghibli’s executive producer Toshio Suzuki and Aichi prefectural governor Hideaki Ōmura held a press conference at Nagoya city to announce the great news for all Studio Ghibli’s enthusiasts. The amusement park which is at the mean time referred as “Ghibli Park” is situated at a 200-hectare area at Aichi’s Expo Park, Nagoya. The prefecture collaborates with the animation studio to establish this theme park. Cited from Anime News Network, the park will recreate My Neighbor Totoro’s setting for its design and architecture. To build this park, they emphasize on an environmental friendly method and will not cut trees there or causing damage to the existing park. Prior to the building of My Neighbor Totoro’s replica as a whole, the park already has “Satsuki and Mei’s House” replica, the main characters from the film. According to Indiewire, the park will highly unlikely to have rides, but it will encourage the visitors to enjoy the natural landscapes from the four seasons instead.

Studio Ghibli Set to Open Amusement Park in 2020
The area for the amusement park
Credit: Chunichi

The cost for this project is funded by both Studio Ghibli and prefecture’s government and it is hoped to attract both foreign and domestic tourists. The replica of Satsuki and Mei’s House was launched in 2005 during World’s Fair and becomes one of the site exhibited during Studio Ghibli exhibition in 2008 and 2015. It is unclear whether the amusement park will embrace more films from Studio Ghibli like Ponyo, Princess Mononoke, Howl’s Moving Castle and many more. To think about it, it will be so much fun to have Howl’s Moving Castle as one of the ride in the theme park! Studio Ghibli has previously established an interactive museum named The Ghibli Museum which is located in Mitaka in West Tokyo. The museum offer exhibits, replica, and interactive objects from Ghibli’s creations for the visitors. On another note, Studio Ghibli’s exhibition in Indonesia for World of Ghibli Jakarta will happen from 10 August – 17 September 2017 at Ritz Carlton Hotel Jakarta and the ticket has been up on sale.

Original source : Chunichi