HajarBleh Big Band Tong Tong Fair 2017HajarBleh Big Band To Perform at Tong Tong Fair in Netherlands To Represent Diversity in Unity

“Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” is the national slogan of Indonesia that represents various diversity in terms of religion, ethnicity, race and many more. HajarBleh Big Band want to send this message through their performance at one of the biggest Eurasian festival called “Tong Tong Fair 2017” that takes place in Den Haag, Netherlands from 25 May – 9 June 2017. The big band will perform at the main stage on 3 and 4 May 2017. They will perform national songs (Achipelago Anthem) that is arranged in a grande format of a big band that consist of 20 musicians from various cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds. This arrangement has previously been performed at Java Jazz Festival 2017 and it managed to put a spell on those who watch. HajarBleh Big Band brought an eclectic and energetic rendition of some traditional folk songs like Tak Tong Tong from Minangkabau, Tope Gugu from Palu, Janger from Bali, Sinanggar Tullo from Batak and various classic keroncong songs. For their stint at Tong Tong Festival 2017, the band will perform this arrangement with the addition of Holland songs and Indonesian national songs.

HajarBleh Big Band Tong Tong Fair 2017
HajarBleh Big Band during their performance at Java Jazz Festival 2017

The band that are formed by wind instruments formation, rhythm, and vocal express their pride and purpose of their participation in this international festival. “We are very proud to represent the diversity of Indonesia in front of international public, because lately media outlets often bring up about this topic, we hope that we’re able to show the world that music is the most genuine and authentic form of Indonesia’s diversity. International public could see us, who are different in terms of ethnicity and religion, could be together harmoniously and honor the Nusantara’s culture, not only on stage but also in real life,” utters Rizal Wargakusuma, percussion player of HajarBleh Big Band. The band are reportedly departing to Netherlands on this day, and will likely return on June 7th. Besides HajarBleh, other Indonesian musicians like Indra Lesmana and Balawan also participate in this festival. We wish you a smooth sailing performance and make us proud! Follow their Instagram and Twitter for the latest update about their journey to Netherlands.