Harris Malang Bancakan RamadhanHarris Hotel & Conventions Malang Present ‘Bancakan’ for Ramadhan

As Moslem all across the world are now celebrating the holy month of Ramadhan by fasting, it is only right to break the fast with something special like the “Bancakan” dish prepared by Harris Hotel & Conventions Malang. “Bancakan” is Indonesian tradition in which people gather to eat together a large amount of dish on top the same serving plate (usually banana leaves). This dish could be an option for your iftar and you just have to pay IDR98,000/pax for 2 persons. The package includes takjil, main dish, drink, and fruits. The main dish includes various Javanese food like Tempe or Tofu Bacem (Tempeh or Tofu cooked in sweet tamarind coconut water), Fried Egg, Urap (vegetables with spicy grated coconut), Stir-fried Noodle, Fried Salted Fish, Puli Crackers, fresh veggies and many more. It is served on top of banana leaf to give an authentic feel out of it. “This Bancakan package could be enjoyed with several variants of rice, like Nasi Uduk (rice cooked in coconut milk),  Nasi Kuning (yellow rice), or white rice with various condiments. The package already includes takjil and hot tea. We also serve additional dishes to compliment the main dish,” said Ires Mariska, the marketing communication manager of Harris.

Harris Malang Bancakan RamadhanWhen we arrived for the tasting it was already prepared beautifully for 10 servings. Furthermore, you could also add your favorite condiment starting from IDR5,000. If you think that this package will not satisfy your hunger, then Harris also provide several stalls in their restaurant area with street snacks like Batagor, Pempek, Ice Cream that are sold starting from IDR10,000. Overall, the taste of the dish is very good and the plating for the course is very appetizing. The main element of this package is eating together from the same plate, so you’d better go ahead and move those eating utensils away and use your hands instead. A reminder for those who want to reserve this package for more than 10 people, you’d better call Harris one day ahead so you don’t have to wait for too long for the dish to be served, and you can secure the best seats in the restaurant.

Harris Malang Bancakan RamadhanPrice : IDR98,000/pax for 2 persons (Bancakan)

IDR5,000++ (extra condiment)

IDR10,000++ (stalls)

Reservation : 0341 – 299 2299


Location : HARRIS Hotel & Convention Malang, Jl. A Yani Utara Riverside Blok C No.1, Polowijen, Blimbing, Malang

Photographer: Hanif Ardhika/Editor: Novita Widia