Sahid Montana Hotel Si Othong Ramadhan
Ramadhan Othong Kembul
Sahid Montana Hotel Welcomes The Holy Month with ‘Si Othong Ramadhan’

The holy month of Ramadhan will arrive soon—means there would be a lot of break fasting plans with various circle of friends in your schedule. It’s not an easy work to decide the perfect restaurant for a perfect break fasting moment, but Sahid Montana Hotel is ready to be your elected restaurant with its special Ramadhan package called “Si Othong Ramadhan”. Si Othong Ramadhan offers two different choice of packages, consist of “Ramadhan Othong Kembul” and “Othong Sego Liwet”. Both packages are inspired by today’s most happening culinary trend ‘bancakan’ where everyone’s food is served together on top of banana leaf. Each package consists of various food choices and 1 free ta’jil with minimum purchase for 2 persons.

Sahid Montana Hotel Si Othong Ramadhan
Ayam Kampung Masak Lombok

Ramadhan Othong Kembul priced at IDR 283K for 4 persons. The package consists of rice, urap-urap (mixed veggies with spicy grated-coconut), lodeh tewel (coconutmilk-based vegetable with young jackfruit), pepes tongkol (steamed cob wrapped in banana leaf), fried kampong chicken, fried tofu and tempeh, bakwan jagung (corn pancake), ikan asin bulu (savory thin salted fish), various chilli choices of eggplant/young mango/salted fish/pete, rujak manis (various fruit chops with brown sugar sauce), grilled kampong chicken,  various fresh veggies, various fresh veggies, Puli crackers, and grilled banana. The dishes are accompanied by free Es Dawet (cold beverage made of cornflour).

We got the chance to taste the package in buffet style instead of the promoted ‘bancakan’ style, but it was exciting to see such various choices of dishes. All components of the menu was actually a good combination but unfortunately the taste of the cooking was mostly too salty for our taste. Es Dawet was a perfect choice to finish the heavy dinner, with not-too-sweet and refreshing taste. We were also showed the display of the ‘bancakan’ style, and it was nice to imagine the togetherness in eating together from the same banana leaf.

Sahid Montana Hotel Si Othong Ramadhan
Othong Sego Liwet

In the other hand, Othong Sego Liwet was priced at IDR 195K per package for 4 persons, with Nasi Liwet as its main dish. The coconut-cooked savory rice is accompanied with lodeh manisa (coconut milk-based vegetable with manisa), and various side dishes of fried tofu and tempeh, bakwan jagung (corn pancake), ayam kampung masak lombok (kampong chicken cooked with chilli), ikan asin goreng (fried salted fish), pindang telur (egg boiled with various herbs), various fresh veggies, sambal terasi (chili with shrimp paste), and kerupuk (crackers). The choice of nasi liwet as this package’s main dish seems exceptional since nasi liwet is not really a common culinary in Malang, but sadly we didn’t get the chance to taste this package.

Sahid Montana Hotel has another interesting offering: payment of only IDR 25K for all-you-can-eat Ta’jil buffet for anyone who isn’t satisfied with the free ta’jil included in Si Othong Ramadhan packages. The buffet consists of various snacks, fritters, kolak (beverage made of green bean and banana chop), and even fresh fruits.  It was exciting to have wide choices of snacks to accompany the night with such reasonable price.

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Price Range : IDR25,000 – 70,000/person

Reservation : (0341) 362751 (Hotel Sahid Montana) / (0341) 495885 (Hotel Sahid Montana Dua)


Location : Sahid Montana Hotel: Jl. Kahuripan no. 9, Malang

Sahid Montana Hotel Dua: Jl. Candi Panggung no. 2, Malang

Writer: Jatrifia Ramadhani/Editor: Novita Widia/Pictures: Dyandra Hisan