.Feast Wives of Gojira (We Belong Dead) Music Video.Feast Return with A Mighty Music Video for “Wives of ゴジラ (We Belong Dead)”

.Feast, a rock unit hailing from Jakarta have just returned to the music scene with a new single titled “Wives of ゴジラ (We Belong Dead)”. Decided to be on hiatus for almost a year, the band which consist of Baskara Putra (vocal/synth), Adnan S.P (guitar), Dicky Renanda (guitar), F. Fikriawan (bass), and Adrianus Aristo Haryo (Drum) are planning to reveal their debut album in mid year of 2017. They previously have released two singles which are “Camkan” (2014) and “Sectumsempra” (2015), and the new album is titled “Multiverses”. For this single, they collaborate with 22-year-old musician, Janitra Satriani. This collaboration alone is pretty exciting already, since Janitra Satriani is mostly known for his pop/electronic music and cover on Soundcloud or Youtube. The song has a heavy classic rock element with screeching and twirling guitar. It is simply a track that burns up anger and spite. .Feast explain that “Wives of ゴジラ (We Belong Dead)” is a satire towards an extreme religious groups who think holier than thou and always perceive others as wrongful. It also contains sub-text about the original Gojira movie, in which the monster becomes a manifestation of environmental disaster.

.Feast Wives of Gojira (We Belong Dead) Music Video

They also launch the music video for this single in which the drummer acts as the main actor. He can be seen acting possessed or high on drugs. It is directed by Junior Johan, an upcoming filmmaker from Jakarta who is also a drummer for hardcore unit, Rekah. He also co-directed Rekah’s latest video for “Belajar Tenggelam” that was released recently. The concept of the video also includes several writings and thoughts from netizens that they have collected prior to the shooting of the music video. Most of the comments are political and representing the thoughts of our society’s frustration towards political and religious hatred that exist on social media platforms. .Feast will unveil their upcoming album via Karma Records, the new record label they sign under which is also home for folk act, Oscar Lolang and rock unit, Rhym. Watch the music video of “Wives of ゴジラ (We Belong Dead)” below.