Gets Hotel Nakam Kembul Ramadhan Menu
Nakam Kembul package
Gets Hotel Malang Offer Local Taste with Nakam Kembul for Ramadhan Menu

The holy month of Ramadhan when Muslims all over the world go fasting in a full month becomes a celebratory event that should not be missed. Gets Hotel as one of the hospitality agent in Malang city offer some special dishes that is especially tailored to suit the taste of local citizens to welcome Ramadhan. The package dishes is called “Nakam Kembul” which is Malang terms for eating together. The food is enough to feed four people and it is comprised of rice, ‘urap-urap’ (mixed veggies with spicy grated coconut), stir fried noodles, tempeh, balado teri (spicy anchovy), sambel goreng ati (spicy stir-fried chicken offal) and other traditional Javanese food.

Gets Hotel Nakam Kembul Ramadhan Menu

We could see a lot of vegetable dishes there and Andina Paramitha, the PR communication of Gets Hotel said that it is an easily found ingredients that are always fresh and easy to process. Another special item on the menu of Nakam Kembul is Sempol Kari Apel or curry apple sempol. Sempol is Malang’s traditional street food that contains a mix of minced chicken meat and starch, which then dipped in a batter of beaten egg and fried. It is said to have an apple infused flavor in it with curry sauce. Apple is known to be Malang’s most renowned commodity and the chef of Gets Hotel tries to make an innovative dish using this fruit. A side dish of kerupuk or crackers completes the whole package.

Gets Hotel Nakam Kembul Ramadhan Menu
Stir fried noodle

It is sold for IDR200,000 per package or 50,000/nett per person and you will get free “Es Cao Selasih Sirup”, dates, and mineral water. You can reserve this on the day before or during the day before 12 AM. Per package Gets Hotel will provide you with two tables and 4 chairs. The more the merrier, you can also reserve this package for 8 people by adding the condiment food. Each day they will serve a maximum of 60 packages of Nakam Kembul and it might be early, but they also serve Halal Bihalal package for IDR80,000 each. The hotel also offer Ramadhan themed decoration and package called “Kampung Bamboe Ramadhan” with the concept of environmental friendly or go green. You could book a room during Ramadhan for IDR385,000 per room/night with pre-dawn meal (sahur) or breakfast included.

Gets Hotel Nakam Kembul Ramadhan Menu
Sempol Kari Apel

For us, the taste of the food could be refined a little bit to match the hotel standart. The sempol tasted unique with the curry sauce, even though we could not taste a prominent apple flavor. The food for this Ramadhan package is very traditional and nothing upscale or fancy, so for those who have Javanese palate, you might like this a lot. As the moment of break fasting is very festive, you could do ‘Nakam Kembul’ with your family, friends or colleagues as the philosophy behind eating together is sharing the food together and meeting people in a special occasion.

Price : IDR200,000 per package (4 persons) – IDR50,000/nett per person

Reservation : (0341) 352 777 / 081233462088

Location : Jl. Brigjen Slamet Riyadi 38 Malang (Oro-Oro Dowo)

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Reviewer & Pic : Akhmad Alfan Rahadi/Editor: Novita Widia