Puti Chitara Goodnight Tour Yogyakarta
Puti Chitara
Enter Puti Chitara’s Dreamy World with Goodnight Tour Chapter Yogyakarta

(5/19) It was a rainless night and a pretty hot one in the city of Yogyakarta and there was a little crowd in front of Institut Français D’Indonesie – Lembaga Institut Perancis (IFI-LIP) at Jalan Sagan. The crowd that was comprised of youth from Yogyakarta and beyond, gathered to watch the concert from Puti Chitara, a soloist and pianist from Jakarta who visited the city to promote her second album “Goodnight”. Organized by Llamahouse, the event started around a quarter to eight with an opening performance by Hana Fairuz. On the stage which was decorated with cotton to resemble clouds, the 19-year-old girl sat on the grand piano with her innocent and child like aura and sang a French song for her first number. She played 6 songs in total with her own original composition as well as covers. Despite her young age, she is a classically trained pianist and she has a lot more room to grow especially with her vocal.

Puti Chitara Goodnight Tour Yogyakarta
Hana Fairuz

After Hana Fairuz left the stage, another pianist and composer based in Yogyakarta, Gardika Gigih started his set and grabbed our attention right away. If there is one thing that should be inseparable, it is Gardika Gigih and his piano. Because that man knows his notes perfectly well, and in the concert he played it like he was possessed. He brought the rendition from his upcoming album “Nyala” that will be released via Sorge Records and other songs that have been picked as the soundtracks for some indie films. Uniquely, Gardika Gigih never set a specific setlist for his set and he plays by instinct.

Puti Chitara Goodnight Tour Yogyakarta
Gardika Gigih

After such a terrific play by Gardika Gigih, the stage then gave its spotlight to the main guest star of the show which is Puti Chitara. Different from her “Goodnight Tour” in Malang, she brought a more complete set with a full band and live arrangement of her album. With the lighting, the cloudy stage, her flowery outfit and a matching visual mapping we were welcomed to enter the dreamy world of Puti Chitara with her “Goodnight” tunes. She started off with songs from her sophomore like “Stratosphere”, “Free”, “Magical”, “The Sweet Nightmare”, “Obsession”, and “Orion”. The live arrangement of these songs sounded so beautiful and it is a crime to not have these versions recorded in a live album. Puti Chitara also threw a joke for the audience and her band, making the mood grew more intimate and friendly. She also tells about the stories behind each song, and stated that most stories were based on the sadness she felt. On “Goodnight”, Puti asked Gardika Gigih to collaborate with her on the piano and the combination between these two brought lovely result.

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She also brought two songs from her previous debut album “Snow In Summer” and “Sarsaparilla Dream”. At the end, we have just realized that the whole IFI-LIP auditorium was filled with people from the top down to the bottom. They all clapped and cheered for the concert they have just witnessed. Puti and the band bowed to the audience and bid goodbye, while putting aside some time to meet their fans outside. What a warm night and a great introduction to Puti Chitara’s music!