Brawijaya Fashion Week 2017 ReportFestivity and Insight from Brawijaya Fashion Week 2017, Two Days to Celebrate Fashion, Beauty, and Performances

The annual fashion event, Brawijaya Fashion Week 2017 was held on 20 – 21 May by miXth Event Organizer. Taking place at Taman Krida Budaya, Malang, they held a press conference on the 19th to give more explanation about the programs and to get to know more about the presenters and performers of the event. On its fourth year of BFW 2017, “Alternative Fashion”  with ‘Fashion as Statement’ became the theme of the event deemed as the biggest fashion and beauty enthusiasts in Malang. Beauty blogger Rachel Goddard was present at the press conference along with the frontman of indie rock band, Coldiac, Sambadha and the founder of brand Adora, Natasha Gabe. Being her adorable and talkactive self, Rachel Goddard shared a few useful beauty tips for make up enthusiasts and whoever who aspires to be as magnificent as her. While Natasha Gabe told about her experience in building a fashion brand called Adora and the challenges she faced to do this business. At last, Sambadha from Coldiac also told about the creative process behind the band and what they prepared for their performance at Brawijaya Fashion Week 2017.

Brawijaya Fashion Week 2017 Report
Rachel Goddard, beauty blogger

The event brought together beauty, fashion, lifestyle and also food and beverage tenants that were available at the venue. For the talkshow session, other than Rachel Goddard, pink-haired beauty blogger, Janine Intansari also shared her take on daily make up routine and told us not to be afraid to be bold. There was also local fashion blogger and the founder of a shoe brand, Aghnia Punjabi as a speaker. A runway was prepared to be the platform of fashion show for several fashion brands like D.N.I by Arief Susanto, Adora by Natasha Gabe, Hijab Chic, AVIGAIL x HVRMAS, A&R, Ethica, Namine by Brahim Chandra, and Fndlabels by Kiki Mahendra. To accompany the fashion show, there was music performance by Janitra Satriani on the first day, and Coldiac on the last day. There was also a special photo booth prepared by the committee for the visitors to take picture at. Brawijaya Fashion Week 2017 was festive and insightful, the presenters were also very friendly to their fans. We’ll see you again next year!

Brawijaya Fashion Week 2017 Report
One of the beauty tenant on BFW 2017

Brawijaya Fashion Week 2017 ReportPhoto by : Hanif Ardhika/Karin Berliana / Editor: Novita Widia