Seahoarse Apprentice Single
Listen to Yogyakarta’s Dream Pop Unit, Seahoarse Latest Offer “Apprentice”

Kolibri Records never fail to notice upcoming impressive band, and after Grrrl Gang, fellow dream pop unit from Yogyakarata, Seahoarse become their latest addition. Under Kolibri Record which is based in Jakarta, Seahoarse reveal their second single titled “Apprentice”. It is a dream pop piece with dreamy reverb guitar sound and heavy thump of bass. A light and sweet voice that belongs to Gisela Swaragita makes the song complete. Gisela Swaragita (vocal & bass), Rudi Yulianto (guitar), Aditya Putra (drum), and Judha Herdanta (guitar) have previously released their first single called “Cricket Choir” via different record label, Ear Alert Records in 2016. Similar to their first single, this single also has a little instrumental intro before the vocal kicks in, but Gisela’s voice has more effect on “Cricket Choir”. “Apprentice” tells about a love story between a couple with a large age gap. In this relationship, the one who is older is thought to be the one who will teach the other everything. It turns out that both of them could learn a thing or two from each other, hence they become the ‘apprentice of love making’. The lyrics on this song also contain the title of their upcoming album which is “Magical Objects”.

Seahoarse Apprentice Single
Apprentice artwork

Seahoarse choose this song to be released as their new single since it is the latest record that was finished from their album. It is said to be the most polished track which represents the current music from Seahoarse. It marks the first collaboration between the band and the record label, and “Magical Objects” will be released under Kolibri as well. The single artwork for “Apprentice” as well as the album art for “Magical Objects” are created by Kolibri’s resident designer slash founder, Ratta Bill. If you like what you hear from Seahoarse, they have opened the pre-order for “Magical Objects” album with a bundle that includes T-shirt with the album artwork. Listen to their single that has been available to be streamed on Youtube, Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Do not forget to cop their forthcoming album by filling out the form in this link. Can’t wait to see what these guys have in store soon!