Saturday Night Karaoke Starry Night Music VideoSaturday Night Karaoke Have A Blast in Japan on “Starry Night” Video

Saturday Night Karaoke, a pop punk band based in Bandung have just wrapped up their tour on the land of rising sun a.k.a Japan. They announced their tour back in January this year and they visited six stops while they were in Japan around March. “Starry Night” however, is their latest single that was released in May 6th and now a music video for the song is available to be watched on their Youtube account and it features some footage from their Japan tour. On the video, the band which were formed in 2008 could be seen having fun and  sightseeing Tokyo and all its uniqueness, interacting with the audience on their tour and performing on stage excitedly. The clips are combined with various techniques and it’s fun to see these guys having the time of their lives. “Starry Night” is a light and uplifting pop punk single that was created by Brian and Prabu as a gratitude from the band towards everyone who has helped them to make their dream comes true.

Moreover, Saturday Night Karaoke has been known to drive many Japanese influence in their music. They also have created a song in Japanese titled “行かない!“. The band have successfully held an independent tour across Japan in two weeks period and they can’t be more grateful than that. Albeit having a cheerful pop punk tone, “Starry Night” actually tells about a separation from a girl he likes. If you were not lucky enough to be able to visit Japan like Saturday Night Karaoke, it’d be better to experience the country with this video of “Starry Night”. It is directed by Prabu with the help of Bayu Rizki Maulana as the editor and Director of Photography. Hopefully this single will lead to another releases by the pop punk band in 2017. Watch the video below or stream the single via Spotify.