Luigi Boom ReviewSatisfy Your Late Night Pizza Crave with Luigi Boom, Get 50% Off For All Pizza Variants!

Scrolling your Instagram explore at night is a high risk, because you are prone to a tremendous amount of food porn feed and one of them has to be pizza. Luigi Boom at Mall Dinoyo City Malang is here to satisfy your midnight pizza craving because they are open until 2AM in the morning! The pizza place has just been opened since May 1st and they have offered several promo with their selected menu. One of them is buy 1 get 1 pizza, in which you can pick from their Round Pizza, Hot Stone Pizza or Calzone variant. Sadly we have to inform you that the promo is over since 7 May. Worry not, another promo is going on right now and it’s 50% discount for all variant of pizza. If you place your order between 9PM until 2AM, you will get this promo and what’s a better thing than having a great slice of pizza on a discounted price? While we’re at it, we will tell you how the menu in Luigi Boom tastes like. Arriving at night, we took a good look on their menu and there are some items that caught our eyes. Their Hot Stone pizza variants included Chicken Hawaiian with pineapples and chicken as the topping. We decided to taste their Round Pizza with Pepperoni and Cheese as our choice. They also offer several interesting menu on their beverage list that includes coffee, frappé, ice cream and many more.

Luigi Boom Review
Round Pizza with Pepperoni and Cheese Topping

The Round Pizza arrived in 22cm diameter and it could feed 3-4 persons. The pepperoni were plenty and the abundant of cheese made the pizza so satisfying to eat. When you take a slice from the pizza, the cheese stretches and seems like a never ending thread. The crust was thin and perfectly baked, the amount of topping was enough and if you love cheese so much, you don’t have to add an extra sauce on it. It warmed our growling tummy at night and next time we’re here we have to try their other specialties. There is also Spanish Churros for you to try as the dessert or snack. Gelato called Elbiatto Cone seems like a perfect frozen treat for you. Their calzone variant starting from cheese only filling up to meaty or veggies filling are up to try as well.

Luigi Boom Review
Selection of beverages

We selected three beverages from the list which are Mocha Brownie Frappé, Cotton Candy Vanilla Frappé, and Affogato. Cotton Candy Vanilla becomes the main attraction as a huge white cotton candy topped the tall glass of milk-based vanilla drink. It tasted like a blend of bubblegum and vanilla flavor, and it is the right choice for those who have sweet tooth. However, we’d like our drink a little less sweet though. The next one is Mocha Brownie in which came with bits of brownies cake and chocolate sauce. Once again we were hit with such powerful sweet coming from the drink. It is a blend of chocolate and coffee topped with whipped cream, a sprinkle of nuts, chocolate sauce, and brownies. But we got to give the real praise for the Affogato. It is coffee topped with ice cream and it has a perfect balance of bitter, sweet and tangy. If you are not into sweet drinks, we recommend you to ask the servers to separate the syrup or maybe ask them to make a less sweet version of it.

Luigi Boom Review
Cotton Candy Vanilla

Since Luigi Boom operates within a shopping mall, you might guess that you can not enter the place once the mall is closed. You are wrong! Luigi Boom has a separate entrance gate outside of the mall, so if your midnight hunger strikes, you can go directly to this place by accessing their stairs outside. It also has an indoor and outdoor room and with their wifi (soon to be installed), it will also be a perfect spot for you to do your assignments there. Get their promo while it lasts until 31 May 2017.

Food Price Range : IDR12K – 45K (Calzone IDR25K, Pizza IDR25K – 45K)

Beverage Price Range : IDR6K – 22K

Service : Wi-Fi (soon) – Indoor/Outdoor Area – Smoking/Non-Smoking Spot


Location : Mall Dinoyo City Malang, 1st Floor

Operational Hour : 12.00 PM – 02.00 AM

More Info :