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Review: Alien : Covenant Brings Ridley Scott’s Most Terrifying Creatures Yet

If you have watched “Prometheus” before, then “Alien: Covenant” is the follow up you must watch. Once again, Ridley Scott as the director of these film series, brings a dark and terrorizing vibe in the movie. Set in the year of 2104, it tells about a spaceship called Covenant that brings 2000 colonist and 1400 embryos to look for planet Origae-6. It is believed to be an inhabitable planet just like earth. On its way to Origae-6, the spaceship has some mechanical failures and the crews are trying to give the best alternative to survive. A transmission that is believed comes from human is caught by the spaceship, while the fact says that the planet has no human-like form live on it at all. The crews decided to check it out and descended on the planet. There are Walter played by Michael Fassbender is an android who assists the crews of Covenant ship. As well as Oram, played by Billy Crudup who is the acting captain of the ship does not obey the order from Daniels and goes on exploring the unknown planet. For you who do not have a strong grip of a sci-fi concept, this movie might be very confusing with all the experiments, hosts, colonists, androids and stuffs. We suggest that you watch the prequel first because Alien: Covenant continues where Prometheus left off, after they were destroyed.

Alien: Covenant

Ridley Scotts seems to be improving in his aliens selection. His obsession with terrifying creatures are clearly shown and expressed well in this movie. The CGI and design for the aliens are far better than what we saw on Prometheus. The plot in this movie seems to be slow from the beginning to the middle, since he is trying to incorporate the background story of Prometheus for the audience who haven’t watched the series yet. Scott is careful enough to give an understanding to the viewers about the whole series. The slow-paced story is paid off by Michael Fassbender’s top-notch acting as Walter and as David, an earlier version of Android on Prometheus spaceship. You might find yourself looking for something to grab on to, since the movie brings surprise that horror or suspense film usually has. The following series of this film called “Alien: Awakening” has already planned and will begin shooting next year. Welp, more aliens and disgusting extraterrestrial creatures for us! The film has been available on theaters near you, experience a virtual reality of Alien: Covenant if it’s available on the theaters as well.

Alien: Covenant
Michael Fassbender – Alien: Covenant

Reviewer: Bonifasius Eiji/Editor: Novita Widia

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