Poster Look Who's Back (Er Ist Wieder Da)Review: Adolf Hitler is Resurrected on “Look Who’s Back” – Europe On Screen 2017

Taking place at GoetheHaus, Jakarta last night (5/14/2017), the place was filled with people who were eager to watch one movie from Europe on Screen 2017 and it’s called “Look Who’s Back”. Directed by David Wnendt, it is a German comedy movie which chronicles the return of Nazi’s commander, Adolf Hitler (Oliver Masucci) in 21st century. It is adapted from a satire comedy novel of the same name written by Timur Vermes. It is told that Hitler wakes up in Berlin and he has an amnesia without no memory about what has happened after 1945. His appearance attracts a lot of attention and many people believe that he is an actor impersonating the Nazi leader. Many media outlets turn their attention to him and alas he becomes a comedian/sketch artists on TV programs. He also produces comedy programs with politics inserted into it, Hitler still believes in his old party’s belief and German’s current political situation confuses him. But little by little, he gains power and popularity among the parties and his supporters.

Hitler on Look Who's Back (Er Ist Wieder Da)The cinematography of this film is portrayed like a documentary film which shows Adolf Hitler in modern time. However we think that this style is not suitable enough with the plot and pace of this film. The beginning of the film goes on too slow and boring, with satire comedy which could only be understood if you are into politics. Towards the end of the film, it builds up a right momentum with a mind blowing twist. So if you happen to watch the film until the end, you might get a gripping surprise. In the end, modern day does not suit Hitler unless he is the man in charge, and you might realize that is a possible thing to breed the right wing supporters in today’s situation. The film is included in the Xtra category on Europe on Screen 2017. Today is the last day of the festival, so use this chance to enjoy these good qualities movies for free. See you next year!