Stu Burger Malang ReviewStu Burger, The New Burger Joint in Town with More Than Beef Patties

Stu Burger has just been operating starting on Monday, 8 May 2017 and we had the chance to be among the first ones to get a taste of the burgers in this new establishment. Stu Burger is located at Cyber Mall Dieng, Malang on the top floor of the motorcycle parking lot. If you happen to pass by along the road, a huge round signage of Stu will catch your eyes instantly. There are two ways of getting there, first option you can climb the stairs of the motorcycle parking lot directly. If you are a lazy type of person, you can go there by riding the escalator inside of the mall. We are sadly the second type, and without further ado we go straight to the entrance gate which is next to the cinema. The customers can place their order directly on the counter and we could see the menu on the board. It is styled in a semi fast food chain booth and since their menu is new to us, we ask a pretty much a lot of question before devouring our meals. We had a little bite of everything and live to tell the tale that Stu Burger is the new burger contender in town you have to take seriously.

Stu Burger Malang Review
Crispy Chicken Burger

Gandhi, the co-owner of Stu Burger explained about the variants of burgers in Stu. There are Beef Burger, Cheese Burger, Double Cheese Burger, Smokey BBQ Beef Burger, Crunchy Fish and Chips Burger, BBQ Chicken Burger, Crispy Chicken Burger, Crispy Cheese Burger, Korean Chicken Burger, and Pulled Duck Burger. We like that they include various proteins, and not just beef to be the filling of their burgers. Other than burger variants, there are also Jerk Chicken with Rice/Fries, Crispy Chicken with Rice/Fries and Chicken Schnitzel. They also explained about the difference in their burger compared to other burger joints. One of the difference lays on the buns, the use of cornmeal in the mixture gives the buns a crispy exterior and soft interior. The beef patties also use meat with only 10% fat content, so it is not overly oily and it remains juicy after it’s cooked. The Crispy Chicken Burger is the choice to go if you are not into beef and it’s a safe option since the chicken breast comes in hearty portion and the breading is not that thick, it resulted in a juicy meat with a prominent mustard and mayonnaise sauce with onion and lettuce in it. While the Double Cheese Burger will satisfy your ultimate hunger with double beef patties combined with melting cheddar cheese.

Stu Burger Malang Review
Beef Burger
Stu Burger Malang Review
Jerk Chicken with Rice

Then, we ventured into more interesting menu and had a taste of Jerk Chicken with Rice. It is a Jamaican inspired roasted chicken with strong spices that penetrate so deep into the thigh meat of the chicken. This menu is served with ‘sambal’ on top of it, a wedge of lime and warm rice on the side. The combination brings tropical flavor in our mouth, the jerk chicken might be a win or lose for some. If you’re into strong spices then there’s a huge chance you will fall in love with this, but if you’re into mild flavoring, it might turn you off. The Korean Chicken Burger serves crispy chicken breast combined with Gochujang sauce. Gochujang is a staple red pepper paste from Korea and we were hit with its spiciness on the first bite. We hope that there is a little acidity from pickles or kimchi to balance out the strong flavor of gochujang. As the final tasting, we tried their signature menu which is Pulled Duck Burger. The burger is filled with pulled duck meat which has been marinated in spices, it is then completed with deep fried mozarella cheese and onion. Lord, if we are given a chance to turn back time, we would gladly go back into the time when we tasted this dish. At first, the combo seemed odd and unusual, but when you bit it, the flavor of duck and cheese became a harmony.

Stu Burger Malang Review
Pulled Duck Burger

For IDR33,000, you could get this Pulled Duck Burger and with the addition of IDR15,000 you will have a complete set with french fries and a drink. To relinquish our thirst, there is the pink Milky Way which is a pomegranate syrup combined with fresh milk. Tea Punch also our drink to go if you like the mixture of green tea jasmine and lime. From 12 – 14 May 2017, there will be a soft opening promo happening on Stu Burger. There is Buy 1 Get 1 Free for all the Chicken variants menu. You could also get 20% off from other variants. Another plus point if you dine in, is the splendid night view that you could enjoy from the rooftop. We highly recommend to come to Stu at night time and bring your lover, friends, or families there. Follow their Instagram for the latest promotion and updates from Stu. “Nice Stu. meet you”!

Stu Burger Malang Review
Chicken Schnitzel

Food Price Range : A-la Carte – IDR17K – 40K / Combo (+Fries & Drink) IDR32K – 55K

Beverage Price Range : IDR13K – 15K

Service : Wi-Fi – Smoking Spot – Semi-Outdoor


Location : Cyber Mall Dieng, Jl. Terusan Dieng Malang (5th floor of the motorcycle parking lot)

Operational Hour : 14.00 PM – 22.00 PM (Last order at 21.30 PM)

Reservation : 08176420529

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