Dandelions Kolonialis Bos!! Music Video ShootingDandelions Marched with The Workers on Mayday for “Kolonialis Bos!!” Music Video

Mayday that falls on first of May is celebrated as International Labor Day. During this day the workers get a day off to march on the streets and express their aspiration towards the ruling government or their employers. This movement also happened this year in Surabaya, and rock band Dandelions took this opportunity to shoot a music video for their single “Kolonialis Bos!!”. The momentum fits the lyrics to this single as “Kolonialis Bos!!” tells about an aspiration from workers that was created by Njet. Hundreds or even thousands of protesting labors who marched in front of the East Java Province Governor Office in Surabaya, got more turned up with the appearance of Dandelions on the set. Initially set up at Grahadi, the venue was then moved to the governor office at Jl. Pahlawan Surabaya. The labor’s march organizer said that the governor himself will address the protest there, so all the activities of Mayday was centered around Pahlawan street.

Dandelions Kolonialis Bos!! Music Video Shooting
Behind the scene of “Kolonialis Bos!!” video shooting

The making of this video was conditional, which means it was an impromptu move that was not planned together with the workers beforehand. Fortunately, the protesters welcomed Dandelions with their 70’s attire with such enthusiasm. They danced along and got free entertainment during the process of the shooting. The heat of Surabaya’s sun did not stop the band and the labors to finish their jobs. The shoot took a full day to finish and it is planned to be revealed soon on Dandelions’ official Youtube account in the month of May. Thankfully the protest went smooth without violence breakout that was anticipated by the local authority. Dandelions have previously released a song called “Impor” which was selected as an anthem of “Festival Suara Anti Korupsi” held by Corruption Eradication Commission. While we are waiting for the video to come, you could listen to “Impor” below.