Makmur Sejahtera Onigiri Music VideoMakmur Sejahtera Satisfy Your Hunger with “Onigiri” Music Video

Warm rice shaped into a ball filled with proteins like tuna, shrimp, or meat then wrapped in a roasted seaweed sheet. Yup, it’s no other than “Onigiri” which also happens to be the title of a single from Makmur Sejahtera. The indie pop band have just revealed their full lenght album called “Volume 1” and held a joint showcase with Glaskaca a while ago. Prima Mouthu, Reddy Aulia, Dea De Bast, and Shindy Farrahdiba from Makmur Sejahtera worked with many musicians and experts in making their album. “Volume 1” is produced by Ardy Pangihutan and the band themselves. Several names like Alisha Aprilia, Harlan Boer, Dea Peni Lestari, Ardy Pangihutan and Januar Azam lent their talents on violin, vocal, spoken word, programming and glockenspiel, and acoustic guitar respectively. Marahain Williams, Bramestyo Haryputra, Adam Imaduddin, and Asa Winasis also played the electric guitars in some tracks.

Makmur Sejahtera Onigiri Music VideoThe songs in “Volume 1” capture the essentials in the little things they observe everyday. The honest and rawness from the lyrics portray their sadness over the condition of the dying animals in the zoo, the helplessness of someone who got lost in a crowded place and many more. The second single “Onigiri” also has more layers to it rather being an old plain Japanese food. “To understand someone else is not as simple as consuming onigiri from the convenience store which you only heat it up, open the package, then devour it. Behind it, there is another process like choosing the rice in particular, shaping it, and many more that we do not see,” explains Shindy Farrahdiba who wrote the lyrics for this song. As you can watch from the music video of “Onigiri”, with a delightful easy listening tunes you can see the process of making an onigiri. In a sense we get the philosophy behind the song, and it also makes us crave for some of those delicious balls. The album “Volume 1” has been released on a CD format by Kabar Baik Records during Record Store Day 2017, later on it will be distributed by Demajors Records. Watch the music video of “Onigiri” by Makmur Sejahtera below and stream the album digitally here.