Rekah Belajar Tenggelam Music Video
Rekah Unveil The Music Video for “Belajar Tenggelam” with An Addition of New Song “Tentang Badai dan Pagi Setelahnya”

Have you ever been so anxious that you started to develop frightening images in your heads? Have you experienced an irrational fear and felt a severe depression? Then you are not alone and Rekah, a hardcore unit based in Jakarta want to shed a light on this matter through their music. These four guys released a single called “Belajar Tenggelam” a while ago with an exclusive premiere and interview on Whiteboard Journal. On May 4, we are delighted to know that a visualization of this single has been made and it is directed by Katyusha “Katy” Methanisa. The 12 minute long video or short film is filled with “Belajar Tenggelam” and another new song called “Tentang Badai dan Pagi Setelahnya”. Katy as an independent director was assisted by Junior Johan, the drummer of Rekah to film this video. It is based on the story written by Tomo Hartono to reflect his personal experience dealing with mental health. The video tells about two people who have a toxic relationship due to each other’s mental instability.

As we watch the video, these two characters got into a complicated and catastrophic relationship and it shows how much mental illness could interfere one’s relations. Unfounded anxiety slowly eat them away and turn love into despair. “Writing about my personal experience explicitly in dealing with this illness in a form of work that is released to the public is one of my effort to erase the stigma of those who suffer mental illness. The inadequate help for mental health will not be spotlighted seriously until whenever, if we do not start to bring this issue into the public sphere,” explains Tomo. Other than bringing the awareness for mental health, this video also captures it by bringing an aesthetic visual. Using a dark but warm tone and black palette, Katy uses split screen to describe how mental illness is felt by its sufferer. An addition of lyrics in the video also further elaborate what’s going on inside someone’s head when the anxiety attacks. Both “Belajar Tenggelam” and “Tentang Badai dan Pagi Setelahnya” will be included in Rekah’s upcoming album called “Berbagi Kamar”. With a purpose to bring the aforementioned issue with music, this album will be released under Royal Yawns, an independent record label based in Bandung. So far there is no exact date about the release, but at the mean time you could learn to drown in the gorgeousness of the video by Rekah below.