Europe On Screen 2017 European Film FestivalEurope on Screen 2017 : Screenings of 74 European Films Start Tomorrow – See The List of Movies and Programs Here!

The European Film Festival in Indonesia known as Europe on Screen arrives again this year with its 17th edition and to make the celebration more festive, the committee will screen 74 films from highly acclaimed European filmmakers. On a press conference that we attended last week, it was announced that six cities across Indonesia namely Jakarta, Bandung, Denpasar, Medan, Surabaya and Yogyakarta will become the host for this festival and if you want to have a good quality entertainment, you are in for a treat because all the screenings are FREE OF CHARGE. Starting from tomorrow, 5 May 2017 up to 14 May 2017, you can choose to watch movies according to your preference whether it’s drama, comedy, documentary or even vintage movies from the old era. “Films are an integral part of European culture, which were are happy to project to a wide Indonesian audience during this festival. It is also a key asset of Europe’s economy,” said Mr Charles-Michel Geurts, Chargé d’Affaires a.i. of the Delegation of the European Union (EU) to Indonesia.

Europe On Screen 2017 European Film Festival
A scene from “A Syrian Love Story”, which could be found on Docu category

Each year, the visitors for the screening increases and this year the committee set a new target. Previously the record for the visitor was at 21.886 in 2016. Orlow Seunke, EOS 2017 Festival Director said, “I hope we stay around 22.000 spectators. That would make me happy. It will be an achievement of my staff given the extreme limited budget that we have.” He once again stated that this year is the best film selection they have so far and judging by the titles we have seen, it was not an unfounded boast. “74 quality films. We show the winner of the Berlin Film Festival, we have an Oscar winning film, a Golden Globe winner and the Best European Film of 2016. And many other prize winning films. All entertaining. All for free”, he added. Other than screenings, EoS 2017 will also hold special lectures attended by two European producers a filmmaker and an actor at the SAE Film Institute in Jakarta. They are Martin Koolhoven, Jeroen Beker, Marko Rohr and Andrzej Chyra. There is also a workshop titled “Workshop on Financial Incentives for the Film Industry” that is hold in collaboration with BEKRAF from 4-5 May 2017.

Europe On Screen 2017 European Film Festival
Isabelle Huppert’ critically acclaimed acting on “Elle”. This movie could be found on Xtra category.

The main program which is the screenings are divided into five categories which are Docu, Xtra, Open Air, Retro/Focus and Discovery. On Docu, as stated obviously on its title concerns about documentaries film and some of the film titles in this category are “A Syrian Love Story”, “Balik Jakarta”, “Nice People” and fourteen more films. On Xtra, it spotlights a selection of movies which have won award like Oscar, Cannes or other mainstream awards. Some of the movies screened on Xtra category are “Elle”, “A Man Called Ove”, “Eye In The Sky” and many more. The Open Air is a program to expose European movies that have been screened on Indonesian theaters but this time, it is set on an open air setting. While the Retro/Focus will show movies from the 20’s up to 70’s with the special addition of music performance. Lastly on Discovery, the films are mostly from independent production houses with lesser known actors but with an equally well-made stories and production. For more details and schedule of Europe on Screen 2017, you can head to their website and social media. Remember to take as many friends with you to enjoy these movies!