Young Savages Unleash The Music Video for Single “Highway High” from Upcoming Album
Young Savages unleash
Young Savages Unleash The Music Video for Single “Highway High”

Prior to 30 April 2017, indie rock unit from Malang, Young Savages have informed that they would be releasing their new music video for “Highway High” in a launching party. On Sunday afternoon at Houtenhand Public House, an event was held to discuss about the making of the music video, showcase as well as the screening of the visual itself. The director of this video is Rahadyan Amandita, the owner from creative audio-visual studio called Arkamaya Images who also acts as a Director of Photography (DOP) and editor. While the camera work was handled by Fauzi Sasongko. “The concept idea for the music video of “Highway High” was initially created by the members of Young Savages which then we developed together according to its lyrics which tell about a group of youth who are bored of their routine and choose to relax with having fun,” explains Rahadyan Amandita during the discussion session.

The single “Highway High” is one of the song taken from their forthcoming album titled “2000’s Kid”. This song was written to describe the real situation the members are facing at the moment. Having the responsibility to be an adult, sometimes people just forget how to have fun. In the video, there are also some talents that make cameo and interact with Young Savages and they turn out to be real friends of the members. Rahadyan further added that the process of making this video was fun and spontaneous, some new scenes or additions were directly added on the spot after the talents suggested them. Funny enough, the members of Young Savages portray their real-life jobs (besides the band) in the video and the rest of the story could be watched on the link below. With this video, the band that are comprised of Adin Pramudita (vocal), Bintang Priyadmadi (guitar), Adrhian (guitar), Raditya Putra (drum), Nanda Gupar (bass), and Tiara (keyboard) want to remind us that doing work and having fun should be balanced. Watch the video below!