Yellow Jet Club Shake The World Single
Yellow Jet Club
Indie Rock Collective from Semarang, Yellow Jet Club Debuted with “Shake The World”

Semarang has another indie rock band in town and they are called Yellow Jet Club. Albeit new, they are no new faces in Semarang’s indie music scene. The band is comprised of Isa from band Santikarisma, Adit from band Weekenders A Go Go, Ari from Redam and Riky. Together they decided to form a unit with indie rock as their genre. They have debuted a new single called “Shake The World” that was premiered during Record Store Day 2017 on 21st April 2017. The single tells about life’s phenomena that is experienced by some people who are capable in both resources and talent, but never had the chance to show their potentials to the world. The single has been repressed in the form of and during the celebration of Record Store Day in Semarang, it was handed out for free to the visitors. Yellow Jet Club plan to finish recording some more materials before wrapping them up in an EP.

The artwork for this single captures the busy traffic of a city in a black and white tone, a yellow car highlighted in the middle signifying the visual of this band will be yellow (isn’t it obvious already?). The recording process of this single was done at Orange Silos Studio with the help of Luthfi from Semarang’s indie band, Sugar Bitter as a producer. “Shake The World” is a fast paced song that showcases strong guitar riffs from the band. If they aim to burn the spirit of those who listen, then we think it is very fitting to choose this kind of rhythm. Give “Shake The World” a listen, it might be suitable for your taste. Follow the latest activity of Yellow Jet Club on their Instagram, Facebook, and Soundcloud.