The Salesman Movie ReviewThe Salesman, Iranian Film Which Shows Intense and Thought Provoking Drama

“The Salesman” is a film that tells about a couple who were forced to leave their apartment due to a dangerous construction project in a neighboring building. Later on, this young Iranian couple Emad (Shahab Hosseini) and Rana (Taraneh Alidoosti) moved to the center of Tehran where they became embroiled in a life-altering situation involving the previous tenant. But in this new home, his wife was assaulted by an unknown person until the husband found out who is assaulted his wife. The story then continues to unfold the mystery behind this assault. Shahab Hosseini is the male lead on this film and his acting has been awarded with Cannes Award for Best Actor. This fact alone could be added on our long list on why you should watch “The Salesman”.

The Salesman Movie ReviewFor your information, “The Salesman” is an Iranian film directed by one of the most prominent director from Iran, Asghar Farhadi (previous works: “A Separation” and “The Past”) who already has 2 Oscars victory in his bag. He is the director who was known to boycott Oscar due to President Donald Trump’s recent travel ban towards his country. If you follow his previous films, Asghar Farhadi always makes a thought-provoking piece and so he did with this movie. Asghar Farhadi wrote the script to this film and the actors and actresses who become the lead roles acted so well in this movie. The film feel so realistic because it could happen in real life as well. We are faced with a conflict in which we should think carefully of what we will do. It is very confusing to choose an option between forgiving or having a revenge after you’ve been hurt. That dilemma was cleverly highlighted on “The Salesman”. In our opinion, this movie really deserve to win an Oscar this year in Foreign Language Film Category. Another amazing piece on humanity’s nature that you should not miss out.

Writer: Bonifasius Eiji/Editor: Novita Widia