Atlesta Shovia SingleAtlesta Reveal New Single “Shovia” Which Shows MORE Grown Up Side

Sheila on 7 have “Sephia”, but Atlesta have “Shovia”. It is the title of the first single from Atlesta’s upcoming album called “Gestures” that will be out this July. Previously, Atlesta, the electro pop unit from Malang have released two albums which are “Sensations” in 2014 and “Sensations Deluxe” in 2015. The new single sees the band fronted by Fifan Christa getting more mature in terms of sound and visual. The release of the single also came with its accompanying music video. The visual that was released in early March this year. The music video for “Shovia” was shot in Singapore and shown the urban landscape, lifestyle and interaction of the city dwellers. Fifan also appears on the video walking around in the city while reminiscing the mysterious girl named “Shovia”. If you have followed Atlesta’s style of video beforehand, you will notice something different in this video. No longer female model with sexy body and sensual scenes, instead, the video wants us to grasp the deep and longing feeling from Atlesta.

Atlesta Shovia Single
Artwork for single “Shovia”

Prialangga, the director of this video interpreted the meaning of the song with a long shot of tall buildings, slow motion shots of rapid urban life, as well as panoramic shot of the city. As the music goes, Atlesta stay true to their electronic sounding sound with more of an alternative pop tinge to its edge. It can be said that the band have grown up with this release. Through a press release that we received, the album “Gestures” will be released on 17 July 2017. You could listen to “Shovia” on a host of streaming services Spotify and iTunes. Grab the album when it’s out on the market and do not forget to watch the music video for “Shovia” on the link below.