Tulus Manusia Kuat Music VideoTulus Turns Fear Into Strength with “Manusia Kuat” Music Video in Collaboration with Papermoon Puppet Theater

Fear is the most common thing that every living thing has ever experienced. Only those who are strong will be able to overcome it as said by soloist Tulus on his newest single “Manusia Kuat”. The song is taken from his last year’s album “Monokrom” and it becomes his fourth single after “Pamit”, “Ruang Sendiri” and “Monokrom”. The 29-year-old singer revealed the music video of the single two days ago and this time he takes a different approach in making a music video. Tulus collaborates with Papermoon Puppet Theater, a renown puppeteer from Yogyakarta whose work has been acknowledged internationally. In the video a puppet resembling a small child tries to conquer her deepest fear. Slowly but sure, this child gains confidence and finally be able to confront her fear and becomes stronger. The song itself is one of many songs that was recorded with the help of The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra on its string section. The legendary orchestra from Czech Republic participated in the making of “Monokrom” album.

Tulus Manusia Kuat Music Video
Tulus x Papermoon Puppet Theater

The singer whose breakout hit is called “Sewindu” then explains the meaning behind this song. “This song talks about soul, which is a mighty force inside human’s body. Soul is an untouched part, which can still run fast although the body might be crippled,” says Tulus in an analogical way. The decision to portray a strong character with a child puppet is because children is seen as an agent of hope. They represent hope and future and it is interpreted through the puppet’s movement and expression. Tulus once again works with Embara Films, which is a production house filled with talented young filmmakers to make this music video. Beforehand, the same company was in charge to create the video for “Ruang Sendiri”. As a closing statement, the singer from Minangkabau descent dedicates this song to all of the strong people out there. He hopes that “Manusia Kuat” will be an empowering anthem to burn up the spirit to be stronger. Watch the theatrical performance art from “Manusia Kuat” music video below.