Trademark Market 9th Sequel BandungTrademark Market: The 9th Sequel Will Be Happening in Bandung!

Starting its journey from 2011 with the theme rustic, Trademark Market will happen again this year in Bandung. Trademark Market is an annual celebration for fashion, business, and creative industry in Bandung to be shown and enjoyed by the public. This year, it goes even bigger with an estimation of over 70,000 visitors and more than 100 tenants to participate on the event. The ultimate goal from Trademark Market is to introduce and support local products which creativity and quality have developed rapidly. Bandung has become an icon for creative industry and prestigious local brands. The event will happen for four days from 4 – 7 May 2017 at The Trans Luxury Hotel Bandung. This local brand movement was initiated by the founder and director of Trademark Market, Saira Nisar. The woman who graduated from Lasalle Collage International has involved in creative design business, especially fashion. Since then, she wanted to spread the local brand support with a one-stop-shopping event.

At Trademark Market, not only the visitors could be entertained with various tenants from hobbies, lifestyle , culinary and fashion, they could also have fun with the music accompaniment presented by selected bands and DJs during the event. The theme for this year’s Trademark Market is “Movie All Era”. It has the philosophy that a legendary movie is timeless and no matter what genre it has, the audience will always wait in line to watch it. The committee of this event hope that Trademark will be known as an event for local brands, and with a thoughtful concept and consistent purpose, people will always love to come back to attend the next edition. Per usual, the event has always brought its T-Shirt Campaign in every series. It is a non-profit campaign which aims to inspire Indonesian citizens to support local brands. It will have a brand new design to match this year’s theme of 1950’s classic movie. Trademark Market also boost up the campaign of local brand movement with the hashtag #supportlocal and making an Instagram account @supportlocalbdg . Currently the campaign has spread to many people proving that local brands are capable to give good quality products. Follow Trademark Market on Instagram or Twitter, and visit their website for more info!