13 Reasons Why ReviewThe Reasons Why You Should Watch Netflix Series “13 Reasons Why”

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After the success of horror-fantasy series “Stranger Things” last year, Netflix offers another highly anticipated series called “13 Reasons Why”. The show is currently a hit among US teens and it casts a combination of familiar faces and new faces of Hollywood TV screen. The popularity of this series is inevitable as you can see it being talked about everywhere, starting from reviews down to memes and such. It is adapted from a novel with the same title written by Jay Asher (2007). Although it was like ten years ago, Asher brought an issue that had long being taken for granted and now it becomes one of the most concerned issue. It spotlights on mental health which can lead to suicide. World Health Organization (WHO) even promote a campaign on overcoming world’s depression trends as the highlight of 2017’s World Health Day, so it is appropriate to shed a light on this burgeoning matter.

13 Reasons Why Review
Clay and Hannah
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The story takes place in a recent typical American high school situation which is known for its student social classification. There are the popular, unpopular, jocks, dorks, geeks, weirdos, and of course, the infamous trends of the worst bullying habits. On “13 Reasons Why”, you will follow Clay (Dylan Minnette) who found an anonymous package of mixtapes in front of his house. When he opened it, he was already in the journey to understand the reasons why his classmate-crush, Hannah (Catherine Langford) decided to end her life. Hannah sent 13 different mixtapes to many people explaining why she killed herself. Perhaps, it sounds boring to you, or you will imagine it will be a sort of detective-investigative-film. Well, it is not. It is more like a film that will ask the audience to listen, understand, and be brave to stand for others in need. In fact, you cannot change what had happened, but you can prevent it to happen again.

13 Reasons Why Review
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These series are not just deep, insightful, and a bit complicated, it also has great cinematography on capturing every moments and details. Each moment matters, certainly you have to stay focus while watching its dramatic flashback plots. Perfect casts, great scripts, it successfully stirs the emotions of the audience. The series showcase great details and we think it is a right decision to adapt it as a series, instead of regular two hours movies. It has 13 episodes of about 50 minutes duration for each. Last treat for you, there are bunch of good music in the series. Selena Gomez covers 80s legendary song called “Only You” as its main soundtrack. If you enjoy this series, you’d better be glad as the season 2 is on the way and it has to get better as the first season is so heartbreaking.

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