Whitenoir Feed Me EPGrunge Band, Whitenoir Finally Unveil Debut EP “Feed Me”

After two singles, one lyrics video and a music video, grunge unit hailing from Malang, Whitenoir finally unveil their debut EP called “Feed Me”. The album is filled with four songs in total and released under an independent record label from Malang, Pop Flesh Records. The title of this album contains a unique philosophy in which “Feed Me” is an analogy on how the surrounding environment from each member has given them influences and ideas on writing songs and composing music. It’s a symbiosis in which Whitenoir give out creations of their own after they got affected by everything that goes in contact with them. The term “Feed Me” also tells on how environment could feed an individual and shape their personalities and traits. The album artwork is a picture taken by photographer Shafira Ninditya, a friend of one of Whitenoir’s member which was shot in Tokyo, Japan. It captures the building landscape on the city to portray a social life that the band want to convey in this album.

Whitenoir Feed Me EP22 April 2017 was chosen as the date to reveal “Feed Me” EP in conjunction with Record Store Day 2017 celebration. Not only performing live that day, they also began distributing and selling the CD of the EP under Pop Flesh Records in several cities and record stores. As a relatively young band, Whitenoir have landed themselves in a compilation album from WARNING Magz with one of their song. They also plan to release a split EP with a band from Bandung which they decide not to reveal yet. “Feed Me” EP is just the beginning of the band who also aim a full length release some time this year. Moreover, to know about where you can obtain their CD, you can follow Pop Flesh Records social media here or Whitenoir social media here. Their EP is available on digital streaming services like Spotify as well. Here is the complete tracklist of “Feed Me” EP and listen to it below.

Whitenoir – Feed Me EP Tracklist :

  1. Stereotype
  2. Dive
  3. Help Me Sleep
  4. Sub-District