Jono Terbakar Ziarah Mini Album Launching
The situation of Ziarah Launching on Makjega Gig Vol.1
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Acoustic Heavy Metal Group, Jono Terbakar Launched “Ziarah” on Makjega Gig Vol.1

On Saturday, 15 April 2017 at Sate Klathak Opa Ade Yogyakarta, acoustic heavy metal unit Jono Terbakar launched their newest mini album called “Ziarah”. The event was attended by only 20 people, but this made the launching more intimate. As stated on the press release, Nihan Lanisy, the initiator of Makjega Gig Vol. 1 and one of the member of Jono Terbakar said, “Fortunately not many came, because we intentionally did not provide sound system to make the event more intimate.” At 8 o’clock, the event commenced with the performance of Teguh Prawiro, an experimental act from Solo who sang three songs in total. Then, Jono Terbakar as the main act performed four songs from “Ziarah” mini album. Those songs are “Ziarah”, “Kalong”, “KTK”, and “144”. Nihan Lanisy and M.N. Hidayat of Jono Terbakar then fulfilled the request of the audience who wanted more songs to be performed.

As an encore, four songs from “Dunyakhirat” were sung. It is their full lenght album released back in 2015. If you might notice, “Ziarah” is also the official soundtrack of an independent movie of the same name. During the launching event, there was also an artist talk with Jono Terbakar and BW Purbanegara, the director of the movie “Ziarah” as the speakers. They told the stories of the collaboration as well as the process until the final product was revealed. The movie inspired Jono Terbakar to create tunes that are suitable for the film. It was then revealed that the film will be screened on 8 cities in Indonesia which are Jakarta, Bandung, Purwokerto, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Solo, Malang, and Surabaya. Lastly, the mini album “Ziarah” is already available to be streamed digitally on Spotify, Deezer, iTunes and other outlets. Check out their other albums “Sugeng Kunduran” mini album released in 2013 and full-length record “Dunyakhirat” from 2015.