Hira Solitude EP CD RSD 2017Hira Launch “Solitude EP” in CD Format for Record Store Day 2017

Record Store Day 2017 is upon us and the day to celebrate physical record releases everywhere has been met with enthusiasm from musicians, including Hira. The roster of Mundane Records will reveal his “Solitude EP” in CD format during the Record Store Day celebration that falls on 21 and 22 April 2017. The band fronted by Hadi Muhammad from Jatinangor, brings a refreshing dream pop genre in simple and catchy tunes. Previously the EP has been released digitally on a host of digital streaming services like Spotify. The CD format will also come with a booklet that is designed by Delino Barid, the creative director of Mundane Records. The visual of the design which is mostly blue will also feature photographs from Hadi Muhammad himself and Safira Anjani. Collaborating with the committee of Record Store Day Indonesia, the CD will be distributed to 12 cities which hold the celebration across the country. “Solitude” will be distributed to several record stores in Indonesia as well.

HIRA Solitude EP
Hadi Muhammad

During this opportunity, Mundane Records also announce that they will introduce their new roster which is Pathway Pleasure. Pathway Pleasure is an indie rock/shoegaze band from Jakarta that has performed live in several occasions and revealed two singles “Haze” and “Meaning” independently. 10 first buyers of “Solitude EP” on Record Store Day 2017 in Jakarta which takes place at Multi Purpose Hall Kuningan City Mall will get CD from Pathway Pleasure that contains the two aforementioned singles. Beforehand, the singles have also been uploaded onto their Soundcloud and Bandcamp account. The shoegaze unit are now on the process of recording their new EP that hopefully will be released this year under Mundane Records. For starter, you could also listen to “Solitude” EP by Hira below or read our review about the album which contains four tracks here.

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